“United we stand, divided we fall:” Multiplied we rise, subtracted we set.


The image above reminds me of the famous quote, “United We Stand, Divided We Fall” – (Abraham Lincoln).  However, some are not so quick to unite, when pepper-spray, attack dogs, rubber bullets, arrests, and even worse is the consequence of standing-up for what you believe in. Egypt, Syria, and the Ukraine are all excellent modern object lessons of what happens to a people united against tyranny, corruption, and violence. They are labeled as terrorists, fascists, or Nazis by the ruling elite, then arrested, assassinated, starved and/or barrel bombed. This form of subtraction, is a ruthless calculation of the costs of waging war against one’s own people. Furthermore, the sum total of the revolutionary change, is that the illusion of a once stable, albeit oppressive society vanishes into thin air, and is replaced by an even more extreme and heavy-handed despotism, backed by a new and perpetual military martial-law. So everyone across the planet seeking a redress of grievances for all the wrongs, who demand political and social reforms, and a better quality of life for all need to be very careful what they wish for!  Why?  The powers that be won’t likely relinquish their reigns of power without a fight. A fight that will likely add-up to some very harsh unintended consequences. 

Likewise, I don’t know about you, but I think they have been pretty good so far at keeping us all divided!  The suffering of people world-wide, along with the spread of Democratic values and communication globally by social media like Facebook, is causing and revealing a level of world-wide political instability perhaps never before fathomed by those in power. The entire global political and economic system is far more fragile than anyone ever realized. Now that we sink or swim together (despite our perceived differences), a political, economic, or natural disaster in one country, affects us all in every country.  The power elite in all nations now fear this real and dangerous instability, as well as the technological mechanisms, and people who are now proliferating revolutionary thought over the web. Hence, Turkey’s banning of Twitter & You Tube, North Korea and China’s stance on Western-inspired social media, and the U.S.’s NSA monitoring of everyone and everything.

However, when your government is exposed as being covertly oppressive of freedom, who is really the terrorist? When peaceful law-abiding citizens around the world get labeled as radicals for simply exercising their inalienable rights, endowed to them by their creator, then the problem is not with the people, the problem is with the people in power. What we now have is a loose coalition of oppressive unlimited governments around the world, trying to keep a lid on 7 billion people demanding a better quality of life, a cleaner world, and more freedom.

The people of the world may yet rise-up and lash-out at these immoral and oppressive coalitions in an effort to once again engage in a more free and independent self-rule.  Ironically, perhaps that is at least one reason why Vladimir Putin’s recent decisions regarding the Ukraine issue have been praised in some corners of Russia by the Russian people.  But regarding these types of revolutionary efforts, specific coalitions of power elite now actively use social media against the forces for change, and they amass their vast resources whenever and wherever needed to “extinguish” political and economic “fires” that threaten their world order whenever they arise.  In fact, it is my contention that they now manipulate democratic values and the way the game is played to the extent that the people now vote their own repression into existence.  This is what has been done in the Crimea, it is what has been done in North Korea, it is what has been done in Egypt, and it is what was done after 9/11 in the United States with the signing into law of the Patriot Act.  Democratic values manipulated for preplanned oppressive outcomes, have become the “Trojan horse” of the power elite, and social media has turned everyone tech-savy enough to use a computer into a potential “person of interest” to be further investigated so as to ensure we are not “enemies of the state.”


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