We Don’t Know Where We Are Going, But We Are On Our Way


Wouldn’t it be so wild to discover that of the 50 billion predicted planets in the Milky Way Galaxy (500 million of which are predicted to be able to sustain life) that an intelligent life-form might actually exist on another world, and be sufficiently intelligent and advanced to be curious about discovering us too?  Personally, I would not be surprised in the least if we one day learned we are not alone in my life-time.  After all, we have been sending radio waves out into the Universe ever since Adolf Hitler’s opening of the 11th Olympic games in Berlin, Germany in 1936.  The CCAT telescope in the Atacama desert in Chile is making amazing discoveries daily now.  Seems like we are prepared for that “mind-blowing” possibility now more than at any other time in our species existence.  Then again, if you believe what some Scientists suggest, perhaps “life-seeding” (via natural means – asteroids/comets depositing the building blocks of life sparked into life via lightening, or via some artificial alien process – from life being transplanted here from life elsewhere) is how life began on this planet in the first place.  May seem far fetched to some, but no more far fetched than the Book of Genesis.  Regarding the Biblical perspective, some ancient images of angles and other objects emerging from the heavens do look very “alien.” Also, giant pyramids built in Egypt and Mexico by two completely different cultures (presumably completely isolated from one another), and the giant pictographs and crop-circles all over the world (some ancient, and some new) generate a lot of questions that should cause us all to naturally look towards the heavens, and to wonder, “Are we alone?”  Some say of course not, God is with us.  Others say of course not, there are 500 million planets in just the Milky Way galaxy alone, and it is only one galaxy in our known Universe, the cosmos is teeming with life!    


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