Do you think WWIII will interfere with my family’s international travel plans?


U.S. & E.U. economic sanctions (also known as “consequences”) against Russia for annexation of the Crimea are likely to occur any day now. Russian invasion of other parts of the Ukraine, and previous Soviet-block nations potentially eminent, because if your going to be “punished” might as well go big, or go home. So things are getting tense in Eastern Europe.

North Korea just launched 18-25 short range rockets into the East China Sea near South Korea in response to annual joint South Korean & U.S. war games. North Korea is also being accused of crimes against humanity in the U.N., and diplomats are calling for North Korea’s young leader to be put on trial for horrendous crimes against his own people. So things are getting tense on the Korean peninsula too.

China and the Philippines seem poised for conflict. And President Obama is coming to the Philippines next month to sign a new military defense treaty with the nation to ensure the Philippines, Vietnam, Japan, and South Korea, are a united front against Chinese expansion in the region. With the U.S. returning to the Philippines, and leasing military technology to them, it would appear diplomacy has officially taken a back-burner to defensive military preparedness. This should not be surprising though, ever since China began enforcement of it’s East China Sea air defense zone, and ever since it also proposed a South China Sea air defense zone.

Add to this volatile atmosphere the recent naval tensions arising over Philippine fishing near the disputed islands captured by China. The loss of plentiful fishing grounds, lucrative oil resources, and credible power may help one to better understand why it was not so shocking for Philippine President Benito Aquino to recently accuse China of behaving like Nazi Germany before WWII. So, in SE Asia, nations are preparing for armed conflict against China due to recent aggressive military maneuvers eerily similar to Russia’s in the Crimea. So you can say S.E. Asia is getting tense.

Then to top it all off, Syria, Russia, and Iran are already directly or indirectly at war with the Sunni Syrian rebels, the U.S., the French, Saudi Arabia, and various other Sunni Nations in the Middle East as we speak! All the while, America is still committed in Afghanistan, meddling in Pakistan, Egyptian, and Israeli affairs, and fighting surgical strikes against Somali rebels and other North East African militant groups who appear to be seeking to close the Suez canal to Mediterranean and Red Sea shipping.

But the real icing on the cake, add to this toxic global mix the shocking fact that 25 countries now have military planes and vessels basically all over Southern Asian to try to locate a missing Malaysian airlines flight without crashing into each other, or “accidentally” firing upon one another! So, in an age when the U.S. can track everyone’s cell phones globally, China can hack everyone’s computers, and Russia can down our spy drones without damaging them, all three of the world’s biggest super powers can’t find a commercial airliner that likely flew over multiple nations in South Asia! The result, MH 370 has likely been hijacked, and for who knows what sinister purpose! Such uncertainty affecting so many nations, can definitely cause further tension.

So with all hell breaking loose globally, and in this region particularly, I can’t help but keep thinking to myself, what a wonderful time for my family to leave the Philippines to fly back to America (via South Korea no less) preferably before World War III is officially declared! To be honest, I would feel a whole hell of a lot better if I knew MH 370 wasn’t going to be used as a potential spark to set the whole damn world on fire! God Speed to the passengers of flight MH 370, I hope they are found alive and well for the sakes of all their families suffering through a hell few could imagine. In a broader sense, heaven help us all to inspire world leaders to come to a political and economic consensus and treaty on the issues currently threatening to tear our world apart.

Think I am exaggerating my worry and concerns? Well take this fact into consideration: When the President of the most powerful country in the world threatens the President of the second most powerful country in the world that he will be “punished,” when Russia and China feel confident and bold enough to choose to exploit what they perceive is an apparent weakness and lack of resolve in our Commander in Chief, and then they annex and seize more power and control over different regions of the world, a U.S./E.U. response becomes inevitable and necessary. When one grasps this realization, it becomes clear global war is likely near (or has already arrived).

But in my humble opinion, if we could utilize the type of multinational cooperation being displayed in the search of MH 370 as a guide or object lesson for how all nations of the world should behave towards one another, then disaster could be averted. And surely it would be far better to avert the coming storm, rather than for us all to have to try to muster-up the strength and courage to weather it. The plight of Syria’s people could be an object lesson for us all regarding that potential nightmare.

Either way, my departure flight just can’t come quick enough for me now! After all, if the U.S. is going to go to war with Russia, Syria, Iran, China, and North Korea all at the same time, then I guess I would rather be back on U.S. soil in Alaska waiting for Russia, instead of sitting here in the Philippines “twiddling my thumbs” waiting to be invaded by China. Then again, when I look at the whole mess in that fashion, kind of sounds like “six of one, half dozen of another.”  Either way, if a world war breaks out, rather than a de-escalation, then there will be no safe place to hide, or defend what is yours.

The political “poop” appears to be about to “hit the fan” folks!  I sincerely hope I am wrong, but I’m afraid I might be right.  So “batten down the hatches,” hold your loved ones close, hope for the best, but prepare for the worst.  I think I am beginning to see why so many Americans choose to not watch the news, or think about politics. It is just too nerve-wracking and disappointing to allow yourself to worry about geopolitical controversies for long!  That is why far too many would rather be blissfully ignorant of what is actually going on in the rest of the world.  Particularly since so much of world politics appears to be so far removed from average American’s daily lives, even if it isn’t.  Likewise, it is only natural most Americans feel powerless to prevent any of it.  After all, Americans haven’t really trusted their government and it’s military-industrial complex since President Eisenhower’s dire warnings became true, and they started assassinating our Presidents. 

That might be an important lesson for President Obama, because considering past historical precedent, it does not appear to be good for an American President’s health to look too soft on communism or the former Soviet Union.  President Kennedy learned that lesson the hard way after the botched Bay of Pigs counter-insurgent revolution, and the Cuban missile crisis.  The Crimea in the Ukraine is our modern Cuban Missile Crisis, and it and China’s aggressive moves in East and S.E. Asia are rightfully being compared to military strategies taken from Hitler’s WWII play-book.  Perhaps that is why the power elite currently running America into the ground, appear to prefer a President willing to shoot, bomb, or wage war first, and debate with the American people or the world community whether it was the right thing to do later. 

But with Secretary of State John Kerry announcing diplomatic options with Russia are coming to an end, perhaps a “shoot from the hip” Texas “gunslinger” as President makes far more sense now than a constitutional lawyer.  Then again, perhaps Obama will yet try to show the world he can be an academic President with a back-bone too.  Either way, it does not appear 2014 or 2016 elections in America will resolve the global mess we are in now, because “democratic” elections in other nations have already sealed the fate of foreign relations for America (and the rest of the world) for years to come.  That is why, I just hope I can get home, before I have no country or home to come home to!  I’ve been gone for 10 months, so I may not recognize it when I get back to begin with.  After all, I left before the Edward Snowden spying revelations, back when Russia, China, the E.U. and the U.S. were economic partners and allies in the global economy.  But then, that was a different era, and the America (and global political and economic climate) I once knew appears to have faced the same fate as MH 370, they have vanished into thin air while I’ve been abroad. 

But one thing is clear, if Russia invades the rest of the Ukraine, then Eastern Europe, and China chooses to use Russia’s military distractions in Europe as an opportunity to gain supremacy in East and S.E. Asia, then the U.S. will be obligated to go to war with both countries at the same time to honor our long standing treaties with nations in both regions of the world.  That potential possibility – that America might find itself fighting a global war on at least three fronts (one in Eastern Europe, one in North Africa, and one in East/S.E. Asia) – keeps me awake at night.  I can only hope, that as I prepare to return to the country of my birth, and try to find a decent job to provide for my new family, that our plane won’t vanish.  I also hope the last vestiges of the grand experiment regarding the global economy will not vanish as well before I return, only to be replaced by retro-isolationist “Cold-War” sensibilities I thought long dead.  For if Russia and America are just going to go back to the same tired geopolitical posturing they engaged in before the Fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989, then the last 25 years of economic free-trade and global economic and political reform were a monumental waste of time. 

In the end, that may be the greatest fall-out from the Edward Snowden revelations, because his whistle-blowing did more than turn some patriotic Americans against their government, it revealed how much America’s military-industrial complex still distrusted previous enemies, but even worse, our allies.  Global trade and cooperation hinged on a certain level of trust and sincerity, and once America was revealed as being hypocritical against China on the whole corporate espionage issue, and that America had been spying on virtually everyone, the world lost respect for the U.S.  When President Obama defended the N.S.A.’s program as a necessary evil after 9/11, the world lost respect for our leadership (irregardless of which political party they were from). 

So I am returning to America, but I am returning to an America that I’ve never known, and that has lost much of it’s credibility abroad while I was gone.  I hope that in the next few weeks things will cool-off, and another “Cold War” or World War might be avoided, but if the same old thinking that got us into the monumental political messes of the 20th century are relied upon yet again to try to resolve current geo-political problems, then such a lack of imagination will only lead to further global conflict.  But this time, it won’t be the U.S.S.R. and the U.S. fighting each other in Third-World periphery nations like Korea or Vietnam, it will be all-out global war again, between all the “super-powers” of the world.  Then, the rise of the next great empires of the new Millennium (or more likely of the New World Order) will be built upon the nuclear fall-out, and ashes of the old.  After all, if your going to try to justify and sell the idea that there is finally a real global necessity for a NWO, then the global devastation of World War III might just do the trick!  But it makes sense really, if a majority of the people of the world are not buying what the governments of the world are selling them anymore, because they are out of work, oppressed, and can’t afford to, and the “beacon of liberty” has been virtually extinguished by the light of truth, then a fundamental global shift in how things are done moving forward becomes a political and economic necessity right?


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