MH 370 Hijacked/Flown to Unknown Foreign Country for Sinister Terrorist Plot Yet To Come?


After reading the article linked above, I can’t help but think that this is all starting to sound like a well-planned and well-orchestrated hijacking of some sort.  This latest confirmed report about electronic signals being received hours after the aircraft went missing seems just a little too “fishy” to me.  However, having the plane flown out of the area with the electronic telemetry turned-off so the plane would not be recognized on radar would help to explain why no debris have been found.  But, then again, why hasn’t any other country confirmed unidentified radar signals?   Why hasn’t anyone or any organization come forward with specific demands if they took the plane?

One thing is certain, unless the plane has been taken, and those who took it, have other more sinister plans, then debris should be located soon.  However, if the plane has been taken by force, then a hectic “three-ring-circus” international search and rescue operation that wastes crucial time and resources, but provides an excellent distraction, for some group to strike without warning, when the global community least expects it, would be likely appreciated by any would-be terrorist organization.  I truly hope I am dead wrong, but fear I may be right!  And with the search and rescue being expanded to the Indian Ocean now, and the U.S. sending a Battleship to the area, it is beginning to appear America’s leadership may be fearing the worst as well.  Let us all pray they never need to use the weapons at their disposal to fire upon a commercial airliner to keep a terrorist plot from succeeding.  For if that day ever arises, I think all the people of the world’s hearts will break simultaneously.


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