Will America Survive the 21st Century? : Why Socialism, Xenophobia, Political Corruption, and Corporate Greed are Killing America


The primary problem with Socialist economic and political systems, they do not take into account the destructive impact of the “free rider” problem.  If everyone gets paid the same, or gets the same benefits, but motivated people are not rewarded based on merit and their efforts, then there becomes no incentive within the nation for anyone to work hard to achieve a better life.  The tainted train of thought of someone exposed to Socialism without sufficient government restraint and oversight to avoid abuses goes something like this: “Why should I work hard, or try to aspire to a better income level with more responsibility, when it will just put me in a higher tax bracket, and force me to pay more taxes to the government?  After all, doesn’t it make more sense to work less (or not at all), and get all the “free” benefits from the government?”  This mindset, along with the abuse of Federal and State social programs, and the massive over-spending by our government to pay benefits to those who abuse the Health & Human Services system so they can track and maintain greater control over more and more “beneficiaries”, is one of the primary ideological diseases currently killing our country.

On the other ideological side of the cost equation, over-spending, fear-mongering, and the jeopardizing of our domestic defense by entangling foreign alliances, and the massive stock-piling and unwarranted build-up of military might beyond our means (or needs) is yet another ideological disease weakening our nation rather than making it stronger.  We live in a nation bereft with enemies both foreign and domestic lurking behind every shadow, and within every computer.  Thus, on both the Left, and the Right, common sense has been thrown out the window in our nation for political purposes, so politicians could appeal to their constituencies, and always say “yes” to any request or demand, rather than saying “no” when it was obviously necessary for the continued health and welfare of our nation.

We have a crisis of leadership in our nation today, our country is currently crumbling under the weight of it’s own government, and our economy has been crippled due to the sheer astronomical size of Federal debt.  Plus, the icing on the cake is that we have a generation of impoverished citizens, paranoid military generals, and greedy corporate executives who are not accustomed to being told “no” by America’s elected representatives.  However, in the future, I’m afraid “no” will have to be the new “yes” for the new millennium when it comes to Federal spending.  Why?  In case no one has noticed, the huge number of American “Baby Boomers” are retiring, and the much smaller, if not more modest “Y-Generation” is having a hard time finding the money to move out of their parent’s houses (or rental homes), much less to pay for their Grandparent’s medical bills, to replenish the Social Security fund, or to ensure the new F-35 fighter jet rolls-out on time for the next major orchestrated conflict.  So, common-sense dictates something is going to have to “give,” and when I say “give” I don’t mean our Federal government giving out more tax breaks to corporations, more military spending for Defense, or more-dole monies to all those newly impoverished middle-class twenty-somethings now in need of a “hand-up, rather than a hand-out.”


4 thoughts on “Will America Survive the 21st Century? : Why Socialism, Xenophobia, Political Corruption, and Corporate Greed are Killing America

  1. Very well written, I completely agree with the first paragraph (and the others though that’s not my focus). Everyone, from all ideological perspectives, will admit society is the best that progresses the most, and with this “free-rider” problem, there’s no progression. “Money is the root of all evil” is the largest fallacy that’s been stricken by the opposition (centralized government enthusiasts), and the correct wording should be that “jealousy is the root of all evil.”

    • Thank you for reading, commenting, and for the positive remarks. I hope you continue to enjoy my work, and contribute your perspective when you find something of interest that sparks your desire to inform. Yes, the “free rider” problem has become a major problem now, due to an entitlement mentality, a loss of work-ethic, and the misguided notion that the government owes us everything.

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