Why Generation After Generation of Caucasians Pay For the Bigotry of Their Forefathers


Question: “My thought is why, and maybe you can answer this, does generation after generation have to pay for the sins of our forefathers?”

Answer: “Because we are all interconnected, and just as our genes are past from one generation to the next, so are the wrongs, because we define ourselves by our scars. A child isn’t born hating one group or another, they have to be taught that hate from a generation who has been wronged before them. When one is slighted, abused, or treated poorly, it doesn’t just impact that person, it impacts the progeny of that person for potentially generations… because the person wronged usually does not lay down their pain ever, and if they do, it is usually long after they have infected their children. 

So to answer your question more specifically, generation upon generation of White Anglo-Saxon Protestants should expect to receive “dirty looks” from those less fortunate, and to have to pay for the sins of their forefathers, because that is their penance for slavery, the “white-man’s burden,” and “Manifest Destiny.” We carry those sins in our purses and pocket-books until all the American Dreams founded upon the prosperity of slavery, the land stolen from Native Americans, and all the raw material resources that fueled America’s and Europe’s industrial revolutions and colonial rule over the Third-World are repaid in full. Those debts can never be repaid in one life-time, let alone two, and so there is a generational-affect that is poisoning the present and the future.”


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