Filipino Man Drowns At Beach: A Foreigner’s Reflections On Death and Intolerance

Image  Drowning

Found out a Filipino man downstairs, who had been renting a room from out of town, drown in the surf the other day. I was sad to hear someone’s life had been cut short in the very surf I’ve had so much fun in over the last nine months here in the Philippines. Reminded me of how quickly all our hopes, dreams, and plans can be cut short, never to be fully realized. It also made me wonder if I had ever walked past the man on one of my many walks with my daughter on the Baler boardwalk. I’m not sure if I did or not. I would like to think I did, and that I gave him a smile for his troubles as I passed, but to be completely honest, I really don’t know. 

I heard he was a “bakla” – the Tagalog term for a gay man. Does that change how you feel about this Filipino mans tragic passing? It shouldn’t, but if it does, in my humble opinion, I think Jesus would be disappointed in you.  Have compassion and love in your heart for all of God’s children, or you are not living the life Jesus would have wanted you to live.   If you claim to love God, and that you are devoted to living a life of Christ, then you must reflect that love upon everyone you meet, and not judge them.

(Disclaimer: Images of men above, are not images of the man mentioned in this story).


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