Cyborg Humans: How Humanity Will Avoid Extinction and Reach Distant Stars


Reading will remain the best way to install new knowledge into our central processing unit, until they figure out a way to install chips into our brains without causing infection. They are already doing it with rats, to give them “heightened senses.” So you just know everyone will want their kid to be “enhanced” once it goes mainstream. Of course, only the rich will be able to afford it first, the rest of us will be stuck with doing it the old fashioned way until we can afford the “upgrade.” Based on current technological trends in robotics, AI, and medicine however, in the not so distant future they might just be able to down-load our “consciousness” into a robot’s hard-drive, and the cure for death could be realized!  If one could avoid an electrical magnetic pulse for all eternity that is.  You don’t believe me?

Well, if human brain-waves are already being used to move robotic arms using only a disabled persons thoughts, electronic “eyes” are already being implanted to make blind people see, and the entire human-mind is being mapped to determine what controls what, then it is only a matter of time before we remove our decaying bodies from the equation. Someday, will cease to age, but perhaps also cease to be “humans” any longer.  Cyborg humans that might not look anything like us, that control various other “tools” via wireless connections, could be the next step forward in our human evolution! 

And lets face it, cyborg “human robots” carrying the consciousness of our best and brightest citizens are probably the only way our species could ever explore worlds light years away anyway, considering the distance and harsh conditions of space.  But until the future arrives, and they are ready to plug you in, read a book before your brain melts from all that TV watching and gaming! 

(Disclaimer: Some inspiration for this article was obtained from watching the new Discovery Channel show “Farscape”).

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