About Me: Why I Blog


I will be the first to admit that, “I stir-up more controversies before lunch, than most people do in a life-time.”  But honestly, I do it not to create “ill-will,” but rather, to generate discussion and thought. Teaching has been my profession for a decade now, so my apologies, if any of you take offense (or get irked) when I take my work home with me, and my controversy-creating nature comes out to play. Verbally jousting to me is not a form of destructive combat, unless it is to kill ignorance. I know some would prefer to avoid arguments like the plague, for fear of where they might lead. But I believe arguments must often happen in order for opinions to change, for catharsis to occur, and for learning, progress, and growth to take place.

If some view me as arrogant for being willing to argue with them, or for having the audacity to speak my mind whenever I want, then so be it. I can’t change the way people feel about me, if they have already formulated an opinion, and are unwilling or unable to see things my way. But I strive to be but a humble servant to reason, knowledge, and wisdom, and it is to those three principles of intellect that I debate with all who would disagree with them. If my pride or own lack of knowledge sometimes causes me to fall short of my own lofty ideals, then that is my own failing, and one I always endeavor to remedy if and when I can. I only hope all who read my writings will remember this, and will come to appreciate (or at least tolerate and understand) my desire to inspire us to think more, and follow blindly less. Thank you, this has been a public service announcement from me to you.


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