A Personal Revolution Inside First: Being The True You


The Great American Poet, a rock-star shaman, who over-dosed on the love and hate of all those who idolized or despised him. Some may not admire how he left this world, some may not even admire how he lived his life, but his writing (his poetry and political philosophy), his music, and his stage performances transcended the mundane and the conventional. They went so far as to provide those with the ticket, the opportunity to have their own religious experience via a combination of music, drumming, lyrics, and altered states of consciousness. Participants engaged in a spiritual transcendent journey through space and time, which united everyone in the moment, and created an understanding, a bond, and a sense of love and happiness that one seldom experiences in life. But this type of spiritual awakening makes no sense to those with petty judgements, and square-headed realities, those who are uninitiated and uninformed. After all, in their jaded perspective, they can’t help but ask; how could anyone possibly find God at a rock & roll concert? The best one could find might be freedom and hedonism, but surely not God. I am here to tell you brothers, and sisters, God goes to concerts too. If I’ve ever come close to seeing God, it has not been at church, but rather, on the periphery of a crowd of peace-loving music lovers communing with nature, everyone smiling, the sun shinning, and a groovy-vibe settling over the entire crowd like a morning mist of love. Preach the truth Jim, and the truth shall set you free.


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