Why Raising the Minimum Wage is A Necessary Evil: It Provides a Means for Workers to Become Customers Again


Advocate of Raising the Minimum Wage: “Bill Maher’s line of reasoning seems to make some sense to me. Anyone have a valid argument to refute it?”

Opposed to Raising the Minimum Wage: “The way our government and the education system is going, more candidates for the Colonel Sanders job are being created than the Colonel can hire. The role of both should be to motivate and empower people so that working for the Colonel is merely a starting point, not a career choice. Of course there will always be some that working for the Colonel exceeds or is the limit of their capabilities. For sure those in that category need assistance. But for those that can do better but choose not to? And are folks ready to pay $20 to $25 for a wing and drumstick meal? I think not unless the Federal Reserve keeps printing money.”

Advocate of Raising the Minimum Wage: “I am at a point where I believe nothing will stop the Federal Reserve from printing more money, except the ink and paper sellers realizing they aren’t getting paid anything of value from the government, or everyone else realizing paper and ink do not make a currency valuable, but rather, trust in government to honor their obligations. The education system has been undermined by Federal influences since they felt compelled to violate Federalist principles, stepped in, and desegregated the schools, ended corporal punishment, and opened teachers up to frivolous lawsuits. I agree the “free rider” problem is a direct result of Socialist or Communist tendencies in government, and must be addressed moving forward. However, compared to other industrialized nations, our minimum wage is quite low, and it has not kept up with inflation, or the elevated cost of living. This fact, along with the Great Recession of 2008 has caused the need for 47 million people on food stamps. If corporations are too greedy to pay living wages to their employees, then the Federal government will be tasked with the job, and I would rather support socially responsible capitalism, than ever encroaching socialism or communism.”


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