The BBC’s “Toughest Place to be a …” Reality TV Show Is Without A Doubt The Best Reality Show Ever

BBC Two – Toughest Place to be a…, Series 1, Paramedic

I would normally never use my blog to advertise anything, but in this case I have to make an exception.  Without a doubt, the BBC series “Toughest Place to be a …” (fill in the blank with a job), is the best reality TV show I’ve ever seen. It not only takes British citizens out of their comfort zones, by having them work in a job they do at home, but in much harsher Third-World conditions.  But perhaps even more importantly, it also shines a bright spot-light on the plight of the poor in the regions of the world it is filmed.
I believe almost everywhere it was filmed, the show made a lasting impact on the quality of life of the impoverished people being caught on camera, by shaming local politicians into action. They filmed in various locations around the world (see link above).  I really admire this show, if a news program did something similar in the U.S., it probably wouldn’t last a week on the air!  American corporate interests would never allow a TV news agency to film the affects their corruption, pollution, and insensitivity are having on the people located near their businesses. Lawsuits would be filed before the first show aired. That is the problem with America today, the light of day cannot be let in to expose the truth, because the wealthy have deep-pockets to pay their lawyers to keep us all in the dark.  If you get a chance, watch this show, and learn second hand how lucky you likely are to be living in a nation with better working conditions. 

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