America’s Workers Wages Flat, While Elite Profits Soar to New Heights: A New Era of Indentured Servitude


Actually, wage earners wages have dropped due to inflation, and the purchasing power that once took one wage earner, now takes two, with multiple low-wage, low-benefit (or no benefit) Mcjobs.  Perhaps for this reason alone, I wish I would have listened more to those who told me a college education would not guarantee me a path towards a better life. I am thankful now for what I have between my ears, and my degrees have ensured I get paid a bit more than the average high school graduate, but I will be paying for college until retirement. Likewise, with the way this country has been run into the ground by our government’s leaders and special interest groups, the Great Recession of 2008 is just the tip of the iceberg, and all I can do now in my 40s is hope I find a job that pays enough for me and my family to live the kind of life we all took for granted in the past when America was prosperous, pensions were not foreign concepts, and the Middle Class was alive and well. My teachers told me we would be the first generation in America not to live as well (or better than) our parents, and they were right. But when the deck has been stacked against you politically and economically, it should come as no surprise when even intelligence doesn’t guarantee success and a better way of life. How can we “pick ourselves up by our own boot straps,” when they are unwilling to pay us a living wage? They have made slaves of us all, and we wonder why the kids growing up these days have often “turned off, tuned out,” and basically have nothing to say at school but “screw you!” If you were a kid today, would you be very optimistic about your future?


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