Massive Global Change Is Inevitable: Ominous and Dark Storm Clouds Can’t Be Wished Away

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Globally, our planet’s climate is being fundamentally altered by the greed and stupidity of those who do not see the bigger picture, and from the sheer impact of 7 billion people using fossil fuels daily, breathing out carbon dioxide, and farting methane.  Add to this the impact our dietary needs for protein are having on the over-population of livestock, the resulting excesses in fertilizer usage for feed, the rising methane levels from millions of cattle, and the mass species extinction of virtually every variety of diverse edible animal species on the planet, and you have a global catastrophe in the making.

Our oceans, rivers, ground water, and air have become a convenient albeit self-destructive natural waste-disposal removal system for billions of people, factories, farmers, and now nuclear power plants.  The smog (and various other forms of air pollution, some already mentioned above), chemical fertilizers, chemical waste, oil spills, plastic garbage, sewage, and radioactive waste is making the Earth’s salt water too parasitic and toxic to swim in without getting “sea-bather’s rash” or skin-eating bacteria!  Combine that with the amount of fresh water mixing with salt water from the extreme melting of the North and Southern poles and Greenland, and wild climatic swings in temperature are generating record-breaking “super storms” and “polar vortexes” along with record-breaking high and low temperatures wreaking havoc across the globe.

Seven billion people on the planet are eating the oceans to death, warmer and fresher sea water and pollution along with dynamite and arsenic fishing, and the rapid growth of predatory “crown of thorn” starfish killing coral reefs all over the world.  The earth’s fish and aquatic mammalian species are going extinct in our lifetimes, and the “seas of plenty” of the past have dried-up to be replaced by oxygen depleted “dead zones” and giant jellyfish.  The fish species not yet extinct from over-fishing, and the warming and desalinization of the oceans, are washing ashore with lesions on their skin, and goo coming out of their muscle tissue.  Think about that for a moment…

On the international front, Obama doesn’t want to look like the President who proved Sarah Palin right by standing by and watching Russia reclaim it’s former Soviet empire without “dire consequences,” Putin is apparently not going to let the Ukraine become the E.U.’s economic and strategic ally without some “war games” that include occupying and defending vital interests in the region, and China is no longer a “sleeping dragon” in East and South East Asia.  Apparently they have too many mouths to feed to worry about whether Vietnam, Malaysia, Brunei, Indonesia, or the Philippines do too.  Likewise, they don’t seem too concerned about pushing Japan, or South Korea around while America is preoccupied.  Perhaps that is why North Korea is firing missiles in response to our war games with South Korea.  Can anyone else see World War III coming by reading the proverbial “tea leaves”?

On America’s domestic front, we have a President who was elected as the last great hope for a better future for America, who has turned out to be an apologist for intrusive government tyranny.  We have a presidential candidate suing the Federal government for violating the Constitution before the election.  States are legalizing marijuana, criminalizing gun ownership, and many are on the verge of bankruptcy.  Some American cities have already went bankrupt, the nation’s bridges are no longer safe to drive over, and 47 million Americans are now on food-stamps thanks to the Great Recession of 2008.  Conneticut and Missouri have become the first two states to decide if the Federal Government doesn’t have to follow the fourth Amendment, they don’t have to follow the Second Amendment. Disturbing precedents are stirring dangerous storm clouds when State governments are willing to not only circumvent the National government to allow Americans the freedom to get high, but to also turn average citizens into felons for possession of a legally purchased firearm.  Looks like the poop is really about to hit the fan folks, and it is going to make the Red Scare, the Weathermen, the Waco Stand-off, the Oklahoma City Bombing, the Amtrack derailment, the anthrax mail threats, the Unibomber, and other domestic threats up till now look like child’s play in comparison I’m afraid.  I propose they let sleeping dog’s lie, and don’t start trying to pry guns out of the hands of those who’ve got them locked and loaded, and who have been “prepping” for just this type of scenario.  It won’t turn out well for any of us! 

Furthermore, only 4 million people have chosen or have been intimidated to sign-up (or face the financial penalty) for one of the most controversial social programs ever to be implemented by America’s ever expanding government.  Universal Health Care is still a major controversy in America, despite the fact that we now have people in the prime of their lives dropping dead from new strands of influenza we have no cure for, and millions of Americans who can’t afford to get sick.  Not surprisingly, the U.S. Congress now has a 13% approval rating.  Thus, America now appears poised to follow many other countries into the brink of social chaos, civil war, and/or revolution the moment their favorite reality TV shows get interrupted by the global reality.  And to top it all off, “our” government has been spending American tax dollars not to energize and invigorate the economy to rebuild the Middle Class, but rather, to further stimulate Wall Street speculation and theft, and to buy billions of dollars worth of industrial-grade plastic coffins.   What the hell is that all about?

“Dark clouds” are forming on both domestic and international fronts, and a horrendous game-changing global “storm” is coming.  It’s not a matter of whether we can save the earth and our country, it is a matter of whether we can save ourselves from ourselves.  The earth will shake us off like a bad case of fleas if we don’t get our acts together, and it became too late for complacency long ago!  A New World Order will emerge from the rubble we’ve made of our planet to attempt to resolve some of these issues before it is too late, or chaos and anarchy will reign supreme, and a new Dark Ages will send us all scurrying back into the caves like the scared, little, furry mammals we’ve always known we were.  I always admired the Chinese expression, “May you live during interesting times,” but now that I have a little one to worry about, perhaps not so much anymore.  Hold on to your loved ones folks, this “ship” we call “Mother Earth” is about to get “rocky” whether we like it or not!  Then again, a solar flare, asteroid, comet, gamma ray burst from a quasar, or some other heavenly event could create the next great extinction event on the planet, and we wouldn’t have to worry about the state of our economy, our ever eroding freedoms, domestic terrorism, global war, and whether we have clean water to drink, clean air to breath, enough to eat, or the level of plastic and heavy metals that can be found in our blood-streams ever again.  I just don’t understand it when the human sheep around me wonder why I am so angry, and worried for the future of our species!


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