What Path Will America Follow: Globalist Imperialism, A New World Order, or a Return to Federalist Principles?

A Federally enforced “equality of opportunity” for all, while being a good idea in principle, has led to mediocrity in America’s schools, and far greater government evils in the modern era in application. No wonder our “Founding Fathers” chose to “kick the can” on the slavery issue! However, they did us a disservice by not having the courage to resolve such matters before ratification of our Constitution. They chose instead to institute a form of imperfect government, that could be amended and changed when necessary. What was the primary result of their inaction on such an important moral issue? Our nation experienced the bloodiest civil war we’ve ever known thus far, and a precedent of justifiable Federal force against the states was made, that has permanently undermined the original principles of Federalism, and led America towards Global Imperialism.
Now, in the modern era, it has become clear, another Constitutional Convention is woefully necessary to return America’s government back to it’s proper Federalist balance of power between the people, the states, and then the Federal government. For when the wealthy are allowed to dictate over the poor, poverty becomes the base-line norm of our nation, until the poor get fed-up, rise-up, and become a mob, and kill all the rich who do not escape the country. It happened in France after we signed our Constitution, and it has happening now all over the world. But if this trend continues, the uneducated and those with little impulse control will run rampant in the streets, and anarchy will reign supreme.
Thus, a balance must be struck, and either the nations of the world must come together to form a one world humanity for the benefit of all future generations.  A new confederacy of nations that ensures the greatest prosperity for not the few, but for the many.  Or, America must turn back the clock, become more isolationist, and reinvigorate it’s domestic economy in such a fashion that ensure a prosperous educated Middle class returns.
In other words, even if the Federal government does get it’s authority questioned from time to time when it decides to wage wars for questionable causes, they should not actively attempt to “stack the deck against us,” simply because they fear us.  But to be completely honest, I think they have bigger plans, and would rather move “forward” than go “back” to the way things were. For this reason, I expect to see the formation of a New World Order long before any new Constitutional Convention to right the wrongs of the present.


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