Wake-up, Stand-Up, and Do Something To Protect Your Children’s Futures!


This sentiment, along with the Edward Snowden leaks, our $17 trillion dollar deficit, and a Federal government that has proven itself ready and willing to ignore it’s own constitutional restraints (and my unemployment) are the primary reasons why I have gotten so politically opinionated online as of late. You know what they say about idle hands. So I guess the Federal government, and all those corporate “fat cats” out there should cut-back on the corruption and accept smaller bonuses until the Middle Class has a chance to recover from the parasitic political and economic schemes that have undercut our future prosperity, and the future prosperity of our children. Or, like so many other governments across the globe, they can just wait until a critical mass is reached -i.e. when our economy collapses, unemployment rates skyrocket, no one can pay their bills, everyone goes broke, the power gets cut off, the remote controls get put down, and people finally realize they no longer have “a pot to piss in.” But by then, the Federal government will be knocking down all our doors (if we still have doors) in the middle of the night to take us to reeducation camps or worse. Perhaps the critical mass described above is already happening.

Either way, it should be obvious to everyone that patriotism can only last so long when you and your kid’s future prosperity are being “tread upon” and “outsourced” by a government and corporate business model you no longer recognize or can support without meaningful reforms. So wake-up, stand-up, and tell them we won’t put up with this crap anymore! The political activism on the web since the Edward Snowden leaks has made them aware a sleeping dragon has been awakened. Further activism, and the next election, could tip the balance, and be a watershed moment in our country’s history and future if we use our votes and our outrage to send a clear message to let them all know how we really feel about the lack of progress being made on preserving the American way of life.

America’s politicians were elected to act, not to sit on their hands, act like spoiled brats, and draw an over-inflated salary from our taxes. The same can be said of corporate executives, they were hired to do more than make profits for their shareholders, they were hired to lead their companies into greater long-term prosperity, but that can’t be done if all they ever do is think short-term, and create economic conditions that will ensure their companies eventual bankruptcy when no one can afford to purchase their products and services anymore. When taxes get too high, and corporations must raise prices to a point customers can’t pay to try to keep paying huge bonuses to their executives, one day they too will realize their mistake.

But by then it will be too late, the robbing and pillaging of the poor by the rich will be replaced by the robbing and pillaging of the rich by the poor. This is the history of class warfare that has plagued every country, and every nation since the beginning of civilization as we know it. Right now, a privileged few are the real “takers” destroying America (and so many other nations), not the ever enlarging impoverished class. Greed and the lust for power is destroying America (and the world) right now, not the “dole state.” The dole state is not the actual problem, it is a symptom of the problem, a problem that is only going to get worse for as long as we allow special interest money to have greater influence on the Federal government than a majority of American’s votes. I say if they are not going to see the light, and help us all to make things better, then they should just stand aside, get out of our way, and get ready to see some old-fashioned American values at work. They can either continue to be part of the problem, or they can decide it will be in their best interest to become part of the solution, but either way, real change is coming, and it is coming soon. A majority of Americans thought by electing President Obama, the change and hope they so desperately needed would finally arrive, now we and the rest of the world realize we’ve been naive, and if we want real change and hope, we have to be the impetus of political and economic change ourselves.


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