An American Citizens Letter of Concern and Complaint to A Paternalistic and Unlimited Federal Government


Dear U.S. Federal Government,

I am not your child, so please stop treating me like one.  You do not need to watch everything I do, you do not need to make every decision for me, and you certainly don’t need to instruct me on how to live.  I appreciate your concern, but I am a grown man.  Oh, and please stop spending all of my hard earned money even before I earn it.  You can only raise taxes so far before you have turned us all into your slaves.  But I see now you would rather give me an allowance, than continue to tolerate me being free enough to make and spend my money as I please.  Obviously you don’t trust us anymore, and we don’t trust you.  We are now living in a very dysfunctional family.  But for the record, I would like you to know I am responsible enough to make my own financial decisions without your meddling or interference.  I am also old enough to decide when and where I wish to travel, who my friends are, how late I can stay out at night, my healthcare choices, and to decide for myself if and when I can use a firearm responsibly without endangering myself or others.  In short, you are not my parents, and I resent you treating us American citizens like we are your children.  Paternalistic government is a slippery-slope to tyranny. 

Stop treating U.S. citizens like children, before it is too late, because we have a lot of “big boys” returning from a giant “sand-box,” and even though they are probably your “favorites,” I just know they will not like finding out the rules on the playground have changed while they were away “playing” on the other side of the world with expensive “toys” you forced us to buy for them to make you look good and powerful.  The citizens of America are not your children, but if you keep treating us like we are, don’t be surprised if one day we are all forced to rise-up and spank you for being “too big for your britches.” 

For you see, the truth of the matter is, we are your parents, we created you, we ratified you into being, and if you are going to act like an aggressive, peeping-tom, spoiled-brat, bully, and forget where you came from, then the old parental phrase, “I brought you into this world, and I can take you out!” seems a very appropriate warning for you, and for all of those who choose to use you for their undemocratic and unconstitutional ends.  Look around you, it is happening all over the world as we speak.  So don’t be so arrogant as to think it won’t happen to you too, just because we’ve not always been keeping a close eye one you, and now you’ve grown so big you think the rules don’t apply to you anymore.  The rules do apply to you, and harsh lessons are in your future if you keep disrespecting the progeny of those that created you, and the will of those who give you your power.  We will all turn against you, if you no longer wish to make us proud.    


A Concerned American 


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