We are our own worst enemy, with our government running a close second.

(Sign of the Times)
Our “confederacy of fools” has been unable to “check” an ever encroaching political system consolidating it’s power and abusing it’s constitutional limits, because we want so much from our Federal government now. The fact that so many have either been sitting on their hands, or have readily been manipulated by disingenuous politicians with hidden agendas, while watching our government become more secretive and intrusive, while simultaneously allowing the government to violate all our civil liberties in the name of safety and order, and with so many afraid that if the people speak-out against it, or act in some political fashion to check these abuses, then we will become the next generation of Kent State students fired upon, is a very troubling political trend indeed. So many don’t wish to think about politics, but politics definitely thinks about them – (inspired by quote from Aung San Suu Kyi’s father). But the really sad truth of it all, is that as long as most Americans have cable TV, a smart-phone, plenty of junk food, and A/C or a heater, and plenty of fads, fashions, sports, or drugs to distract them, they will tolerate just about anything their government does. One week without electricity, without their toys, or without some other form of distraction, and they would be rioting in the streets.
Our current form of government, which has become a parody of democracy is more dangerous than a dictatorship, because it masquerades around as a legitimate government, but does not accurately or adequately represent the majority of the people that entrusted it with their power. Any form of government based on lies and deceit, unrecognized as an enemy to the goals and aspirations of a vast majority of the citizenry, is far more dangerous to the people than a dictatorial government the people readily recognize as a threat. Knowing your enemy is half the battle.
Conversely, oppressive governments across the globe, threatened by those empowered citizens who have seen the light, and who are now using social media as a catalyst for political organization, communication, and coordinated protest for political reform, are either beginning to use the same technological innovations to monitor, infiltrate, and undermine those same movements, and/or they are implementing new internet censorship laws that will destroy the global political capabilities of the world-wide web.  These underhanded tactics, along with violent suppressive counter-measures against protestors, and labeling all protestors now as terrorists, is the new form of war being waged against those who would dare speak-out against tyranny at home or abroad.  Don’t believe the lies they are trying to sell you!



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