Why Libertarianism?

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I was a “dirt-poor” Democrat before I lost faith in the government, I’ve never been wealthy enough, bigoted enough, or pompous enough to be a Republican, so I ultimately settled on Libertarianism.  Why?  I would rather live free and have almost no government, than be forced to choose a side in the political, economic, and moral class warfare designed by politicians to further divide us, while they use big government on both sides of the aisle to destroy everything that was once great about this country.  Those in power have no plans of relinquishing their stranglehold on our country, now that they have a New World Order to implement and profit from.  Things will never go back to the way they used to be, unless we take back our country from those who would willingly fabricate a global calamity to further consolidate their power and control over us all.


Wake-up, Stand-Up, and Do Something To Protect Your Children’s Futures!


This sentiment, along with the Edward Snowden leaks, our $17 trillion dollar deficit, and a Federal government that has proven itself ready and willing to ignore it’s own constitutional restraints (and my unemployment) are the primary reasons why I have gotten so politically opinionated online as of late. You know what they say about idle hands. So I guess the Federal government, and all those corporate “fat cats” out there should cut-back on the corruption and accept smaller bonuses until the Middle Class has a chance to recover from the parasitic political and economic schemes that have undercut our future prosperity, and the future prosperity of our children. Or, like so many other governments across the globe, they can just wait until a critical mass is reached -i.e. when our economy collapses, unemployment rates skyrocket, no one can pay their bills, everyone goes broke, the power gets cut off, the remote controls get put down, and people finally realize they no longer have “a pot to piss in.” But by then, the Federal government will be knocking down all our doors (if we still have doors) in the middle of the night to take us to reeducation camps or worse. Perhaps the critical mass described above is already happening.

Either way, it should be obvious to everyone that patriotism can only last so long when you and your kid’s future prosperity are being “tread upon” and “outsourced” by a government and corporate business model you no longer recognize or can support without meaningful reforms. So wake-up, stand-up, and tell them we won’t put up with this crap anymore! The political activism on the web since the Edward Snowden leaks has made them aware a sleeping dragon has been awakened. Further activism, and the next election, could tip the balance, and be a watershed moment in our country’s history and future if we use our votes and our outrage to send a clear message to let them all know how we really feel about the lack of progress being made on preserving the American way of life.

America’s politicians were elected to act, not to sit on their hands, act like spoiled brats, and draw an over-inflated salary from our taxes. The same can be said of corporate executives, they were hired to do more than make profits for their shareholders, they were hired to lead their companies into greater long-term prosperity, but that can’t be done if all they ever do is think short-term, and create economic conditions that will ensure their companies eventual bankruptcy when no one can afford to purchase their products and services anymore. When taxes get too high, and corporations must raise prices to a point customers can’t pay to try to keep paying huge bonuses to their executives, one day they too will realize their mistake.

But by then it will be too late, the robbing and pillaging of the poor by the rich will be replaced by the robbing and pillaging of the rich by the poor. This is the history of class warfare that has plagued every country, and every nation since the beginning of civilization as we know it. Right now, a privileged few are the real “takers” destroying America (and so many other nations), not the ever enlarging impoverished class. Greed and the lust for power is destroying America (and the world) right now, not the “dole state.” The dole state is not the actual problem, it is a symptom of the problem, a problem that is only going to get worse for as long as we allow special interest money to have greater influence on the Federal government than a majority of American’s votes. I say if they are not going to see the light, and help us all to make things better, then they should just stand aside, get out of our way, and get ready to see some old-fashioned American values at work. They can either continue to be part of the problem, or they can decide it will be in their best interest to become part of the solution, but either way, real change is coming, and it is coming soon. A majority of Americans thought by electing President Obama, the change and hope they so desperately needed would finally arrive, now we and the rest of the world realize we’ve been naive, and if we want real change and hope, we have to be the impetus of political and economic change ourselves.

What Path Will America Follow: Globalist Imperialism, A New World Order, or a Return to Federalist Principles?

A Federally enforced “equality of opportunity” for all, while being a good idea in principle, has led to mediocrity in America’s schools, and far greater government evils in the modern era in application. No wonder our “Founding Fathers” chose to “kick the can” on the slavery issue! However, they did us a disservice by not having the courage to resolve such matters before ratification of our Constitution. They chose instead to institute a form of imperfect government, that could be amended and changed when necessary. What was the primary result of their inaction on such an important moral issue? Our nation experienced the bloodiest civil war we’ve ever known thus far, and a precedent of justifiable Federal force against the states was made, that has permanently undermined the original principles of Federalism, and led America towards Global Imperialism.
Now, in the modern era, it has become clear, another Constitutional Convention is woefully necessary to return America’s government back to it’s proper Federalist balance of power between the people, the states, and then the Federal government. For when the wealthy are allowed to dictate over the poor, poverty becomes the base-line norm of our nation, until the poor get fed-up, rise-up, and become a mob, and kill all the rich who do not escape the country. It happened in France after we signed our Constitution, and it has happening now all over the world. But if this trend continues, the uneducated and those with little impulse control will run rampant in the streets, and anarchy will reign supreme.
Thus, a balance must be struck, and either the nations of the world must come together to form a one world humanity for the benefit of all future generations.  A new confederacy of nations that ensures the greatest prosperity for not the few, but for the many.  Or, America must turn back the clock, become more isolationist, and reinvigorate it’s domestic economy in such a fashion that ensure a prosperous educated Middle class returns.
In other words, even if the Federal government does get it’s authority questioned from time to time when it decides to wage wars for questionable causes, they should not actively attempt to “stack the deck against us,” simply because they fear us.  But to be completely honest, I think they have bigger plans, and would rather move “forward” than go “back” to the way things were. For this reason, I expect to see the formation of a New World Order long before any new Constitutional Convention to right the wrongs of the present.

An American Citizens Letter of Concern and Complaint to A Paternalistic and Unlimited Federal Government


Dear U.S. Federal Government,

I am not your child, so please stop treating me like one.  You do not need to watch everything I do, you do not need to make every decision for me, and you certainly don’t need to instruct me on how to live.  I appreciate your concern, but I am a grown man.  Oh, and please stop spending all of my hard earned money even before I earn it.  You can only raise taxes so far before you have turned us all into your slaves.  But I see now you would rather give me an allowance, than continue to tolerate me being free enough to make and spend my money as I please.  Obviously you don’t trust us anymore, and we don’t trust you.  We are now living in a very dysfunctional family.  But for the record, I would like you to know I am responsible enough to make my own financial decisions without your meddling or interference.  I am also old enough to decide when and where I wish to travel, who my friends are, how late I can stay out at night, my healthcare choices, and to decide for myself if and when I can use a firearm responsibly without endangering myself or others.  In short, you are not my parents, and I resent you treating us American citizens like we are your children.  Paternalistic government is a slippery-slope to tyranny. 

Stop treating U.S. citizens like children, before it is too late, because we have a lot of “big boys” returning from a giant “sand-box,” and even though they are probably your “favorites,” I just know they will not like finding out the rules on the playground have changed while they were away “playing” on the other side of the world with expensive “toys” you forced us to buy for them to make you look good and powerful.  The citizens of America are not your children, but if you keep treating us like we are, don’t be surprised if one day we are all forced to rise-up and spank you for being “too big for your britches.” 

For you see, the truth of the matter is, we are your parents, we created you, we ratified you into being, and if you are going to act like an aggressive, peeping-tom, spoiled-brat, bully, and forget where you came from, then the old parental phrase, “I brought you into this world, and I can take you out!” seems a very appropriate warning for you, and for all of those who choose to use you for their undemocratic and unconstitutional ends.  Look around you, it is happening all over the world as we speak.  So don’t be so arrogant as to think it won’t happen to you too, just because we’ve not always been keeping a close eye one you, and now you’ve grown so big you think the rules don’t apply to you anymore.  The rules do apply to you, and harsh lessons are in your future if you keep disrespecting the progeny of those that created you, and the will of those who give you your power.  We will all turn against you, if you no longer wish to make us proud.    


A Concerned American 

“Tough Love” Is Not Too “Old Fashioned,” It Is Essential For Prosperity!


I have fought this battle with bleeding-heart “enablers” in public schools since I started teaching. It is the single most aggravating aspect of my job. We have empowered a generation of spoiled brats, because we don’t want to hurt anyone‘s feelings or be accused of being too hard on them. Life is hard, if you do not prepare children for that fact, they will never find their inner strength, or flourish in the harsh conditions. That is why more money is being spent on prisons in America, than on schools. Lazy kids, with no impulse control, and the belief they can get away with murder, with virtually no consequences, turns a potentially beautiful flower, into a weed very quickly. If no pruning is done while they are young, they will not be productive citizens, only takers.

The Secret to Happiness


What is the secret to happiness according to the Dali Lama?

“More compassionate mind, more sense of concern for other’s well-being, is source of happiness,” he said during a rare interview with “Politics Confidential” when asked how to sum up his philosophy for happiness in the form of a tweet.

“Self-centered attitudes,” he said, “are at the root of unhappiness and human suffering.”

“Too much self-centered attitude, you see, brings, you see, isolation,” he said. “Result: loneliness, fear, anger. The extreme self-centered attitude is the source of suffering.”

We Americans tend to focus on self-reliance and independence, with our extended families often living far away from one another, unlike the Asian model, where most families live in the same village, often under the same roof. Thus, moving forward, we need to be keenly aware of how important kindness, empathy, and compassion are as human values to ensure happiness within our society.

I think many Americans have forgotten this basic fact, in their efforts to protect what they have accumulated. Historically, helping others, and giving through philanthropy and Christian compassion appears to have dissolved into a new forced redistribution of wealth, and dole-state Socialism. But when compassion and empathy must be forced out of people through their government, self-centered attitudes and a lack of compassion and empathy for others are sure to follow. When one’s government becomes a corrupt and inefficient “Robin Hood,” unhappiness throughout society is sure to spread like wild-fire, because resentment is fostered rather than the good feelings one receives by giving to others personally.

Likewise, when the rich become too callous, and living conditions for the poor become so harsh, that it becomes necessary for them to use the government as a tool to force the “haves” to be less greedy so the “have-nots” can have a chance to “pursue happiness,” then government becomes a tyrannical monster that can threaten everyone’s freedoms and happiness. The solution, more personal empathy and compassion for others, and less government. This is not only a national solution, but a global one. Bureaucratic resolutions for societal problems, incite fear and anger, they are inefficient and often display a lack of compassion, and they ultimately disconnect us from meaningful relationships with our fellow man. In essence then, Socialism and Communism lead us down a path towards unlimited big-government, societal decay, and the destruction of all the best qualities in human kind. Keep this in mind the next time you vote, or see a homeless person in need.

We are our own worst enemy, with our government running a close second.

(Sign of the Times)
Our “confederacy of fools” has been unable to “check” an ever encroaching political system consolidating it’s power and abusing it’s constitutional limits, because we want so much from our Federal government now. The fact that so many have either been sitting on their hands, or have readily been manipulated by disingenuous politicians with hidden agendas, while watching our government become more secretive and intrusive, while simultaneously allowing the government to violate all our civil liberties in the name of safety and order, and with so many afraid that if the people speak-out against it, or act in some political fashion to check these abuses, then we will become the next generation of Kent State students fired upon, is a very troubling political trend indeed. So many don’t wish to think about politics, but politics definitely thinks about them – (inspired by quote from Aung San Suu Kyi’s father). But the really sad truth of it all, is that as long as most Americans have cable TV, a smart-phone, plenty of junk food, and A/C or a heater, and plenty of fads, fashions, sports, or drugs to distract them, they will tolerate just about anything their government does. One week without electricity, without their toys, or without some other form of distraction, and they would be rioting in the streets.
Our current form of government, which has become a parody of democracy is more dangerous than a dictatorship, because it masquerades around as a legitimate government, but does not accurately or adequately represent the majority of the people that entrusted it with their power. Any form of government based on lies and deceit, unrecognized as an enemy to the goals and aspirations of a vast majority of the citizenry, is far more dangerous to the people than a dictatorial government the people readily recognize as a threat. Knowing your enemy is half the battle.
Conversely, oppressive governments across the globe, threatened by those empowered citizens who have seen the light, and who are now using social media as a catalyst for political organization, communication, and coordinated protest for political reform, are either beginning to use the same technological innovations to monitor, infiltrate, and undermine those same movements, and/or they are implementing new internet censorship laws that will destroy the global political capabilities of the world-wide web.  These underhanded tactics, along with violent suppressive counter-measures against protestors, and labeling all protestors now as terrorists, is the new form of war being waged against those who would dare speak-out against tyranny at home or abroad.  Don’t believe the lies they are trying to sell you!