There Should Be No Establishment of Religion (including Christanity) in America’s Public Schools!

Public School Crams Christianity
After reading the article above, I am simply amazed!  I thought this issue had been resolved years ago, but then I became a teacher, and discovered I was wrong. Whether anyone likes it or not, any public school in any state in the nation is now an agent of the Federal government, and is thus subject to it’s laws. No establishment of religion means just that, a separation of church and state. Thus, if Sabine Parish school wants to indoctrinate it’s students to a specific religious faith. then it should simply become a private school. If it wishes to continue to receive federal funding, then it must comply with current Federal laws. For all who likely don’t like this arrangement, you should advocate for our Congress to legislate a return of our America to the Federalist principles and state’s rights it was founded upon. If you can get Congress to do that, then state’s might be able to decide this controversial issue for themselves based on a majority of the religious preferences of the people living within that state. Until then, I see a long drawn-out court case for Sabine Parish school, with them ultimately losing this case before the Supreme Court.  Unless of course the Court is about to over-turn the Lemon test and other past precedent and re-write decades of Constitutional case law.

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