A Political Discussion between a Tea-Party Texan and a Globalist Libertarian about Rick Perry, the G.O.P. and the 2016 U.S. Presidential Election

Rick Perry Mellows on Pot


Globalist Libertarian: I woke up this morning, turned on my computer, got online, and read an article from Yahoo News called “Rick Perry Mellows on Pot.”  I did a double-take, and to my “shock and awe,” as I read the article, I quickly realized I had awoken in an alternate Universe where Texas’s super-conservative Governor, and former Grand Old Party (GOP) 2012 Presidential hopeful, had actually announced his desire to decriminalize marijuana while still Governor of Texas!  No, he was not apparently using the drug himself to reduce his stress as the article title implied, but I was still quite surprised nevertheless.  After having spent many years of my life in rural and urban Texas, and knowing what a majority of Texan’s are like, this new political revelation makes me feel like Alice in Wonderland!

However, Governor Perry’s drastic change in tune regarding the War on Drugs might help to explain a few things regarding his last Presidential run. For example, him forgetting the Department of Energy as one of the three departments he would cut if elected President (they say short-term memory loss is the first thing to be affected). Mistaking a primary for a caucus, forgetting the voting age is 18 instead of 21, and getting the actual voting date wrong in the same speech (confused thinking is next). And of course, that very memorable campaign speech in New Hampshire where he was far more giddy than usual (euphoria). It didn’t help that he also gave people the impression he thought Woodrow Wilson was president only a decade or so ago (an inability to keep track of, or lack of concern about time). Rick, “don’t bogart that joint my friend,” if your planning on running again in 2016!

Expatriate Texan & Rick Perry Detractor: “Rick perry is an idiot and I cannot believe Texans keep him in office! If, heaven forbid he becomes president I will leave the USA forever!”

Globalist Libertarian: Madam, you didn’t get the memo? He is the new Texas Governor would-be President for the next decade, of the new Millennium. Cut from the same cloth as Bush W., and ahead of the curve in recognizing the G.O.P. has to reinvent themselves before our very eyes. With Christie bush-wacked by likely members of his own party, Perry could be the next “moderate” Republican in training. The G.O.P. has to find someone to compete against Tea Party candidates Rand Paul and Ted Cruz, so who better than a Texan Governor to compete with Ted, who is a mere radical Texan Rep? They couldn’t control Chris, to likely to support the working man, so they would rather see Rick get elected, he’s a “good o’l boy” from way back. Rand on the other hand, is going to be the nominee to beat in 2016, and John Kerry, Joe Biden, or Hillary Clinton are going to have their hands full with him… unless he has is own Howard Dean moment, or doesn’t try harder to distance himself from the G.O.P. of the past/present. Of course, Perry has already had his own Dean moment, so perhaps he has learned something from that, and will be more seasoned and better coached this time around. So you may want to have a bag packed.

Tea-Party Texan: “Hopefully Perry will ride off into the sunset as a well paid lobbyist. Folks think he is an idiot but you have to remember he is an Aggie. While you may not like him and consider him an idiot he has helped Texas to be the most prosperous state in the nation. By the next legislative session Texas is expected to have a budget surplus of $12 billion while all the liberal, progressive states are facing bankruptcy. Were Texas it’s own country it would be somewhere around the 10th largest economy in the world. While I don’t know who the potential nominees will be, I do know that the country desperately needs someone like Rand Paul or Ted Cruz to turn around the destructive policies of the idiots currently in power. We are going to need a true conservative since the last two moderate republicans couldn’t win.”

Globalist Libertarian: I might have to come down and try to get me a slice of that prosperity soon, since Alaska’s conservative Governor Sean Parnell is giving big-oil so many tax breaks apparently Alaska’s Department of Education is cutting 6% of their teaching staff. Or maybe that has just been the objective of Common Core all along, I’m not really sure. I think with the last moderate Republican, it wasn’t so much that he was a moderate, as it was that he was/is a Mormon. Rand Paul and Ted Cruz take the G.O.P. towards a path that redefines the party, I know some in the G.O.P. don’t want to take that path, because they feel if they nominate a “true Conservative” it is going to ensure once again that they don’t get the women, minority, gay, or youth votes. Issue politics was a great way to divide an conquer in the past, when White Anglo-Saxon Protestants (W.A.S.P.)s were on top and holding the reigns, but now with the numbers of these special interests growing, the G.O.P. won’t be able to win elections without at least appearing to be riding a more moderate horse, even if it is a Trojan horse.

That is why the Rick Perry’s of the G.O.P. may be changing their tune on the Drug War. After all, they can afford to, the War on Terror has surely eclipsed that war, and they can now do everything they once did in that perpetual war, to repress and incarcerate people, and even more. Plus, it gives us a new perpetual war to fight. People would have balked over the type of NSA surveillance, secret prisons, enhanced interrogation techniques, etc. they have been conducting (or are conducting now) if it had been used during the Drug War (unless in Columbia or other Latin American countries). Surely, they wanted to do more on U.S. soil, but the courts wouldn’t let them. With the War on Terror, they can get away with murder, and do, and the courts appear to be willing to rubber-stamp most of what they are doing in the name of national security.

Tea-Party Texan: Learned today that Texas been out a billion dollars enforcing the border because the feds will not. It’s hard to say what it will be like in 3 more years. With the economy, employment, and education destroyed and health care in the process of being destroyed, women, minorities, gays may be singing a different tune. They may want a change from all this “hope and change”

Globalist Libertarian: Good point, unless they choose to continue to be distracted by issue politics (like whether they can decide to have a baby or not, whether they can avoid being discriminated against or not, or whether they can get married or not), rather than the economy. I guess some issues you can’t get past, no matter how bad the economy gets (up to a point). However, old and tired “trickle-down” economics arguments won’t cut-it this time I’m afraid, the G.O.P. will have to reinvent themselves on that one as well. No one is buying that load of bull excrement anymore. But, in three years, your right, it won’t matter anymore, because America will be buying and importing so much cheap Iranian oil, and will be so busy using NSA surveillance to steal China’s moon mining technologies, that most American’s probably won’t notice the American Spring, or even be paying much attention to the $20 trillion dollar debt or global unemployment as high as America’s entire population.

$1 billion dollars for Texas to defend it’s borders from illegal immigration, because the Feds aren’t doing it. Wow! That is going to raise taxes! Also, with those kinds of expenditures, why is the state of Texas still a state, and not the Republic of Texas yet again?

I bet Sam Houston and Stephen F. Austin neither envisioned that kind of money being someday spent to keep illegal Mexicans out of Tejas, nor could they have imagined 27 million Texan citizens being expected to fork-over $1billion in taxes to defend the Rio-Grande river after becoming a part of These United States. Isn’t national defense a Federal issue? When did that become a State’s right?

Tea-Party Texan: “As for the economy the democrats efforts have been much less successful than trickle down economics. I suspect a bit of reinvention on their part shall also be required. As far as oil is concerned, unless Obama and the EPA can figure out a way to stop fracking for oil and gas, the U.S. will close to being self sufficient in a few years. In regard to all the various social issues, it is amazing that with all the problems in this country is facing that the most important issue is the right to kill an unborn child or to be able to marry someone of the same sex or to have the right to screw up your mind and life dope. We are in deep and serious trouble.”

Globalist Libertarian: Total focus on rights granted by an ever encroaching government rather than on individual citizen responsibilities, but is that surprising?  I would have to agree with most of what you said just now.  Reinvention on both sides, fracking till the cows come home, and Iran in our back pocket as well. However, regarding your very last comments on issue-specific politics taking a front seat to the economy, it is amazing that the most important issues on the right seem to still be preventing women from choosing their own destiny regarding childbirth, being intolerant to those who love each other regardless of gender, and trying to find new and more advanced ways to interfere with a person’s right to privacy. We are indeed in serious trouble. Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness is still being defined in our nation, and the government is unfortunately being used as the primary means of accomplishing all three ends, despite the fact that it is probably least efficient for ensuring any of them.

I don’t think reinvention on either side is going to change Congress’s approval rating though. I predict an increase in political and economic instability in the U.S. and by extension, world-wide due to the U.S. government’s and America’s corporate leaders apparent inability or unwillingness to sufficiently address technological innovation, unemployment, employment training, infrastructure, and efficient human capital allocation. I find it unfortunate however, how the political Right and the corporate world in this country self-sabotage the economy the moment a Democrat is elected. However, I will readily admit socialism is not the answer either. A new focus on developing and mandating a corporate conscience, corporate citizenship, social performance, or sustainable responsible business world-wide is the means to a better final product for all us in the future.

Rather than focusing on share-holder profit as the end-all-be-all, imagine what would happen if corporations directed more of their bottom-line focus on striking the proper balance between profits and maximizing employee retention and their quality of employment. Imagine if a companies popularity was determined by how effective and efficient it was at creating a product and service, uplifting it’s employees, while at the same time, minimizing it’s negative impact on the environment.

The market place and the citizens of all nations need to value and expect more from their corporations than profits, and more from their governments than laws and order.  Instead, we’ve come to expect too many privileges from our government, and too few services from our corporations.

Corporate entities have used their new found clout and influence globally as a virtual license to rob their employees of any real quality of life, steal from their customers by selling low quality goods and services, and pollute globally without restraint. Conversely, by design, most citizens of the world have become apathetic, ignorant, and/or helpless to make their own decisions about anything, or regulate “check” corporate or government interests. Those with the ability to recognize the real problem (that unethical and unrestrained capitalism and unlimited government corruption and abuses of power have replaced Communism as the next major world threat) have been labeled as protesting trouble-makers, would-be terrorists, and have been targeted for re-education or even elimination by a ruthless elite determined to hold onto their power and control “by any means necessary.” I’m afraid, no amount of “re-inventing” will resolve this issue. Revolutions are the only way issues like these get resolved.


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