Wake Up!


Excellent point! Perhaps some influential elites spent far too much time and money on excessive market entry costs (barriers to entry) associated with one type of invention (gas powered motors) and one type of resource (fossil fuels) extraction, and so now that they have spent so much money on one type of business, they just don’t want to be compelled into reinvestment and innovation by global environmental concerns (extraneous costs) (i.e. bad PR) until they’ve squeezed every cent out of their investments, and fully depreciated for tax purposes all the value of their capital investments. Can you blame them?

Of course you can, but they don’t care, unless you make them. So don’t expect hydrogen powered hybrids and electrical cars to grow wings and take to the air anytime too soon folks! Big oil is here to stay, and will be one of the biggest influences on America’s (and other industrialized nations) foreign policy decisions in the years to come regardless of how many oil spills, climate catastrophes, or plastic pieces we find floating in our blood streams in the future. Unless of course like-minded environmentally concerned peoples of the world somehow find a way to regain control of the governments of the world. But that path is a treacherous one, because most industrialized nations are now controlled by the same individuals who have taken control of the multinational corporations working beyond the control of any one government, and these unethical and unscrupulous individuals with no sense of patriotism and no apparent attachment to any one country are now initiating “false flag” events to stir-up and foment fascist “grass-roots” responses resulting from the religious tensions purposely ignited to further divide us and keep us distracted from the resource depletion, theft, and massive manipulation of well-intentioned peaceful-minded people all over the world.

As a result, so many in the developed world are now sharing in the woes of developing countries citizens who must sit idly by and watch their countries natural resources being stolen by multinational corporations, or be labeled as political trouble-makers for standing in their way. One thing is clear, American greed in the petroleum and automobile industry killed the inventive American spirit years ago, when big oil started buying and “shit-canning” patents from inventors who improved fuel efficiency in automobile engines. It wasn’t until the Federal Government got involved in setting fuel efficiency requirements, that these amazing patents started being rediscovered. Until there is a real profit incentive for Big Oil to become Big Solar, or Big Wind, or Big Geothermal, or Big something else, it will be business as usual regardless of the over-all costs to our global environment or the plight of the poor or less fortunate who cannot live above the stench of the smog. The rich have found a way to use crude oil as a means to control the world, do you really think they will give that up without a fight?


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