Two artists, one masterpiece


The moisture oozed from a tropical humid sky onto the green and brown palm fronds scattered all around them. The moon was full, a smokey pungent cooking-fire fog covered the mountains in the distance and drifted down into the river valley. The smell engulfed and surrounded them, inviting them into the homes of family’s eating dinner in far away villages they would never likely see. He had not known such a tranquil calm alone in the States, the sea was a shimmering incandescent glass, and it mirrored his new life. A cry in the distance broke the silence, a moment of clarity regarding his own life’s purpose, shockingly, rather than causing annoyance or alarm, he found the sound soothed his heart, and eased his mind. His own baby’s cry a rapturous pronouncement that he and his wife were now following interwoven paths towards inner-fulfillment and blissful joy. They had created life together, two artists, one masterpiece.


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