The Touch-Down Maker


Hike! Adrenaline-rush forward, the front-line colliding with the opponent’s defense. I can hear myself breathing through my helmet, it echoes in my ears, my heart-beat rushing a hundred miles an hour. Blam! I take my first hit on my shoulder pads, but I bounce off, just cutting through the 2 hole made by our Strong Tackle. Now if I can just make it passed those lightning fast linebackers! I high-knee past the first one, as he dives to tackle me, and stiff arm the second one. Now it is just the free safety and me out in the back-field, and only he stands in my way to winning the game. Seven seconds left on the clock, 35 yards to go, can I make it to the end-zone before it’s too late! I do a quick little side-step to throw the safety off-guard, and he falls for it! I’m home free in the stifling heat, sweat streaming down into my eyes, the sting of success if I can just keep up the pace. 15 yards, to go, 10, 5, touch down! The crowd goes wild, I feel like a Roman gladiator after sleighing a wild beast! “Friday night lights” shine upon me, and make me feel more alive than I will ever feel again. The cheerleaders bounce up and down yelling my name, I am a glistening Golden Greek God!


But those lights of glory days past eventually fade, and then turn to black. Even the crowd must eventually go home, and then what is left for me, but the bruises, the bumps, and the broken bones. Yes, gold plated trophies may yet collect dust somewhere in my old alma mater, but few are likely to recognize my name.  Oh, I have my memories of having once seemed more with many.  A select few, our Team.  But I have lost touch with them, and my own PRIDE, on my last sprint towards my final “end-zone.”  But perhaps I have one last touch-down in me…


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