Chronicles of the Last Unicorn: A Fantasy World Gone Mad


The unicorn came out of the fog, a small troll riding upon it with a giant smirk on his face. He had conquered and tamed the magical beast, and was riding through the enchanted forest to show everyone the last unicorn was now under his submission. The unicorn’s horn seemed to have lost some of it’s magical sparkle, with an evil troll having possession over it’s own soul.

Nevertheless, Gargon the Great knew what must be done, if the realm were ever to be free again from such terrible gloom. The wizard waited for his chance, and then he cast his be-witching spell upon the troll. The troll immediately froze solid and fell from the unicorn’s back, and the beautiful animal gave a great whinny that indicated it was grateful for having been freed from the evil troll’s attack.

It was not until after the auditory exclamation of satisfaction from the magical beast, that the unicorn saw his friend. Gargon the great approached the majestic animal with great care, for he knew the magic of his spell still lingered upon the beast. “Beware the evil trolls that would try to take your freedom away oh wonderous one,” Gargon replied.

But it was too late, the evil Witch of Denimon had foreseen the demise of her troll.  She summoned the ominous fire-breathing dragon from the dark depths of the magic abyss on the edge of her known realm, once she portended her incompetent troll had failed. And with a mighty swish of air and wind, the giant talons of the great ugly foul-smelling beast snatched-up and sunk it’s reptile talons into the pure innocence of the unicorn’s majestic back. The unicorn was swept up, and up, and up, and then hurled by the dragon over the great cliff of the endless abyss.  This is how the last unicorn fell into the babbling brook of truth far below, and no one knew for sure of her final fate.

Thus, with that one heinous and heartless act of cruelty, there seemed no hope left in the land for good to reign supreme once again, and Gorgon knew all was surely lost. No one was left to thwart the Witch of Denimon’s evil spell over the kingdom.

But then, from out of the far East, a great hulking warrior covered in the fur of many dead mammals, drew nearer, with the rise of the morning sun.   He was clearly ready and eager to do battle with all evil who might oppose him.  But that is another tall tale to be told at another time…


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