Mind your own business

Once upon a time, people minded their own business, and just used the “party line” to try to over-hear if any neighbors might reveal “skeletons in their closet,” but now face-book lets the whole world know your business, and you get to see complete stranger’s opinions of how you live your life posted for the whole world to see. Amazing! Technology has made it so much more efficient for us all to meddle in other people’s affairs, spout-off all sorts of hateful crap, and then not have to face those for whom we’ve offended. The internet provides us with a unique “window of opportunity” to see just how many people in this world really have no courtesy.

But when I was a child, I used to hear some wise advice playing from my Grandpa’s old radio, the lyrics were from the immortal country singer Hank William’s Sr., and they went something like this – “Well, if you mind your own business, then you won’t be mindin’ mine.” Likewise, the song ended with “you’ll stay busy all the time.”

Now, maybe technology has freed us all up with so much time on our hands that we have plenty of extra time to give complete strangers advice about just about everything (impersonally), but perhaps it is just the opposite. Perhaps our country is going down the tubes, because people are spending too much time on fb telling each other off, and not enough time “minding their own business.” Just a personal reflection to be taken for what its worth, in this advanced modern era where everyone thinks they have the market cornered on how everyone else should live, but our cities are still going bankrupt.


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