“Lessons in Life About Living A Life Worth Living”

Life is so fleeting and fragile, but resilient and determined. Life is the spark that ignites us all, a brilliant flame that flickers for a few brief moments, but then ultimately extinguishes itself in the end. Life is an energy of immense positive possibility flowing within and without us, but also a dangerous, explosive, and violent force when fomented to a frenzy by “war pigs” bent on destruction. Life is taken from some so quickly, for others, it drags on for what seems like an eternity… Life is a gift we receive from someone or something unfathomable, but yet, our own life compels the thoughtful among us to seek a means to fathom our purpose for “being.” Life, at least on this “plane of existence” is not infinite, it is finite. That is why the gift of life should never be wasted on life-less pursuits that lack the luster that a life well-lived leaves us.

So enjoy your life, and be thankful for it, for it is the only one you have, and is likely the only one you will ever experience. I know life is precious, for I have played my part in the creation of life. I see the amazing beauty of my greatest creation in my own life everyday now, when my daughter smiles at me with expressions full of life! May your life ultimately be as lively as mine has been, and if before you’re finished, you find a worthwhile purpose in your own life, then surely you will have lived a life that was well worth living. We all deserve such a life. So have you begun to live yet? Might as well live a lot (rather than a little) in this life, before you inevitably must leave your own life behind you! Before you rest in peace, live a few turbulent, tumultuous, and lively moments! Make each moment the time of your life, because it is… and it was given to you, and only you, to live to your own fullest potential.


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