Baby Dreams


What does my little girl dream about? When I see her giggle and smile when she is asleep, and I know she’s dreaming, what is her three week old imagination creating or experiencing? Is her mind really already creating images to keep her entertained while she rests her rapidly developing body? Did she dream in the womb? How can her brain already be sufficiently advanced to create a virtual-reality for her to play in when she’s too tired or under-developed to actually play? But more importantly, who or what is entertaining my daughter while she sleeps?

She is beginning to recognize the faces of her parents, but in her dreams, she is amused by something or someone that she does not fear. In her dreams, she displays a level of happiness and joy that we usually don’t see when she is awake and alert. Awake, she is almost always hungry, almost always needs something, or feels something agitating her, that gets in the way of the pure, pristine, and innocent happiness she experiences within her baby dreams.

But when she rests, and her eyes begin to roll-around in her head, and that adorable grin falls upon her face, I know she is playing with someone in her dreams who loves her very much. I like to hope some of my family that went to explore the future of this life, who’ve passed before me, play with her, and keep her entertained while she is at rest. I’d like to think we’d all regain some of our innocence and happiness as adults and parents if when we dreamed we’d play again like kids with those whom we’ve loved, but lost. So as I get ready to rest from the burdens and obligations of my own life tonight, it is my sincerest wish to be able to “sleep like a baby,” and not to fear or worry about anything, but rather, I hope to have my own “baby dreams.” The beauty of innocence is pure and clean, and clearer than the clearest mountain stream.


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