A 10th Anniversary 9/11 Message of Hope


On this date 10 years ago, when the WTC was attacked, I was in Texas getting ready to teach my 9th Grade World Geography students, and the Math teacher came into my class and said a plane had hit the Towers. Like most, I thought it was a small aircraft accident until I saw the live feed of the second tower getting hit by a commercial airplane. I am half a world away now, but I still remember it like it was yesterday. Back when I was in college, Muslims on campus were frustrated that we would support Israel blindly as they placed Muslims in the West Bank and Garza under martial law. That frustration had already taken deadly turns during the Reagan administration, with all the airline hijackings. Leading to the slogan that, “We would not negotiate with terrorists.” So when our politicians stopped listening to the concerns of fanatics (and even moderate Muslims), the pressure for them to do something more “noticeable” exploded during the Gulf War when we entered Saudi Arabia with American troops, which inevitably led to 9-11.  Never have I ever seen so many people die all at once on live TV (before or since)- it was the largest, most precise, cold, calculated, and destructive act of terrorism ever attempted.  The mass media was used as a naive tool of the terrorists when they displayed the horror of the scene to us over and over again.  I shudder to think what terrorists might ever do to top it, but a dirty-bomb would certainly do it.  Regardless of your political views, it is my sincere hope that none of us will ever have to witness such a wide-spread terrorist tragedy again.  Likewise, it is also my sincerest hope that one day we Americans will regain sufficient freedom in this country to remember what it was like to be free without fear!  Safety and Order should not be allowed to replace Freedom as a founding principle in this country.  Remember this important truism on this Patriot’s Day.  Fight Against “Patriot Act” Laws and Orwellian Political Principles!  Reason, political negotiations, and compromise should always over-rule emotion, political ultimatums, and divisive decisions.  We all lose when the fanatics are allowed to rule.


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