Why Leaders of the World Would Rather Watch Poor People Starve Than Have Healthy, Happy Lives


True, but then all those people would become healthy, and would likely want to pro-create and multiply (thus further stressing the ecosystems of their nations). As a result, if the rich invest in improving the quality of life around the world, then a new world-wide “baby-boomer” generation of impoverished people elite’s would rather see not exist, will take root, and “contaminate” the world further. In other words, the wealthy have decided that if they help the poor to have a better life (like they did after WWII with the G.I. Bill), instead of just manufacturing the means by which they can wallow in their own self-distracted misery, pain, poverty, neglect, hopelessness, drug-addiction, alcoholism, drive-by shootings, rapes, suicides, murder-filled lives, famine, wars, and genocide, instead the impoverished people’s of the world might “catch a clue,” and want to join forces, build coalitions, and become politically active against those with the real power (like middle-class kids did in 1960s America)! So if the ruling elite made the world a better place, how could they get the minorities and impoverished “breeders” of the world to hurry up and die, or at least keep them from taking over politically and economically without the use of oppression, repression, and state-sanctioned terrorism? They couldn’t, so they need them to remain impoverished, malnourished, sick, ignorant, imprisoned, unborn, or even dead so they can exploit them, buy up their land, steal their natural resources, and pave pristine wilderness areas into urban wastelands of distraction. Thus, from the elitist stand-point, it does no good to spend money on making the world a better, healthier place for humans to multiply in, because their is no profit in increasing the demand for scarce resources, when you want all those resources for yourself.

Likewise, as I’ve said, the rich believe the poor would just take advantage of the improved living conditions throughout the world to multiply in number, thus furthering the disparities, but more importantly, the sheer quantity of “takers.” Likewise, the rich believe the poor would still make a mess of things (even with a basic level of education), due to their lack of manners, lack of cleanliness, promiscuity, and poor over-all hygiene! So even if the wealthy chose to be progressives, true compassionate-Conservatives, private-philanthropists, or even, heaven forbid, Socialists, they still don’t really expect the poor to rise above their station in life in large numbers. So what does this mind set or mentality lead to? The rich will cooperate with other rich individuals to keep their numbers small, powerful, and in control of the political, economic, military, and mass-media branches, but beyond that, it is everyone for themselves, and screw the unfortunate souls born without a sliver-spoon in their mouths!


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