Unemployment Benefits Are Not The Problem; Political & Corporate Inertia on Jobs Creation Is The Problem

1.3 million losing unemployment benefits Saturday
The “poo-poo” is about to hit the political “fan” folks! As taxpayers, we can’t afford to continue to give money to the unemployed, and still send money abroad to manipulate global politics with bribes, military aid, training, etc. So a bunch of jobless individuals are going to have to suck it up, and find a job, or just starve! Or in the now infamous words of Marie Antoinette, “Let them eat cake.” If I recall from the history books, that suggestion worked out well for her in the end. Perhaps the G.O.P. should keep that little lesson in mind for the 2014 Congressional elections, if they wish to gain seats, rather than lose them. But honestly, I think this would be an excellent year for third-party candidates.

Add to that the retired veterans who have had their pensions cut.  The retired vets are mostly blaming the democrats for it though – FOX news is churning out the misinformation as fast as they can.  So the Democrats will blame the G.O.P. for the unemployment cuts, the G.O.P. will blame the Democrats for the retired vet cuts, and their approval rating will remain low, and both groups will suffer from the loss. Sounds like a good game plan, divert the anger, feign innocence, convey to those suffering the financial loss that you will do everything in your power to do something to prevent it, then ignore the issue, and hope you can still get re-elected by blaming the other party.

Lets show them all how much we appreciated their inertia and subterfuge at a time when we desperately needed political and economic action/reform, beyond just having the FED create artificial economic stimulus via “quantitative easing” for the “fat-cats” on Wall-street to get richer, while raising inflation and lowering the value of the Middle Class’s hard earned dollars (and retirement accounts) in the long run.

Their idea of reform is to allow cuts to occur in the fashion that the article linked to this blog article above describes, so they can avoid having any voting record that suggests they were involved in the cuts.

If the Tea Party was really smart, they would use the 2014 Congressional elections as a vehicle to distance themselves from the G.O.P. with a States Rights, Limited Government, and Personal Liberties Platform, and attempt to become a viable third-party replacement to eventually take the place of a G.O.P. that has proven itself to be exclusive, potentially discriminatory, less than Conservative, far from limited, and much too willing to take the side of the State before the people they are supposed to represent. If the Democratic party was smart, they would use the 2014 Congressional elections as a vehicle to distance themselves from Obama. If the Republican party was smart, they would try to figure out a way to reel in the Tea Party, and take their momentum away, by stealing all their ideas, and saying they had been theirs all along.



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