The War on Drugs Is A War Against The American People: It Must End Now

Legal recreational pot industry opens in Colorado

It is time to put an end to yet another destructive war, but this one, perhaps more than any other, revealed the extent to which the U.S. Government was (is) willing to waste taxpayer money to monitor, incarcerate, and destroy the lives of American citizens supposedly for their own good. The prohibition of marijuana, like the prohibition of alcohol, is one of the best examples of how our government has gone beyond it’s constitutional mandate. It is a stark reminder of how broken our political system is, because it shows what happens when the concept of Federalism is ignored by the “Federal” Government. States should have always had the right to regulate marijuana and tax it regardless of who was (is) president. But instead, Nixon’s “War on Drugs,” coupled with Nancy Regan’s “Just Say No” propaganda campaign, turned patriotic Americans against each other, and firmly placed “our government” on a slippery-slope for all the abuses of power that it has committed in the name of safety and order ever since. Those abuses of Federal power, ironically largely supported by Conservatives, have served to undermine all Americans civil liberties since long before 9/11. But now that legalization of marijuana is a state’s rights issue, there is no reason why Conservatives should turn a “blind eye” to their own supposed principles simply because a citizen’s personal freedom and privacy are the primary issues at stake. Keep in mind, the state’s right to tax, and the principles of limited Federal government are also important principles in this debate. In other words, if you are true to your ideals, then you can’t “cherry-pick” the state’s rights issues you are willing to support. If you are serious about ensuring a balance of power that limits the Federal Government’s power and influence, then you must honor the decisions of a majority of citizens in any state, and if you don’t like how things are being run in that state, then you move to a more Conservative or more Liberal state depending on your ideals. Coincidentally, if the Tea Party really wants to win the next Presidential election, perhaps they should get on board the legalization “band-wagon” against the GOP, and steal the election away from Hillary! Either way, it is nice to see that perhaps, “the times, they are a changing” after all. However, it is truly a national and international travesty that “our government” chose to make far too many Americans (and so many people of other nations) enemies of the state for far too long, simply because they weren’t willing to trust the U.S. government any longer to do the right thing (particularly during the Vietnam War). Eventually, it will be interesting to see if those who pull Washington’s strings will tolerate the re-emergence of state power and “federalist” ideals to help states to avoid bankruptcy, or if they will continue to wage their self-destructive war on America’s citizens who chose to smoke cannabis (even if it is legal in the state in question). It will also be interesting to see if states that chose to tax legal marijuana and decriminalize it -i.e. who chose to exercise their Constitutional powers (like Colorado/Washington) – end-up with a substantial increase in population due to migration and settlement of U.S. citizens from other states! Why would the repeal of just one law cause people to move to a completely different state? The answer: to enjoy a greater level of personal freedom than one can exercise within the states that continue to give out strict prison sentences for personal consumption of a medicinal plant. Ultimately, a little more time, how the media is used to spin the rewards and consequences of legalization, and of course, the next presidential election will answer all of these important questions.

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