The War on Drugs Has Caused “The Freeist Country in the World” To Have the Largest Prison Population Per Capita!: Maybe Change Is Warranted Now?


I guess the “freest country in the world” needs the most prisons, because most Americans do enjoy freedom and the right to privacy. However, millions of Americans didn’t take too kindly to the “War on Drugs,” and being forced to follow Draconian/Authoritarian/Protestant laws that restrict personal liberties, stigmatize, imprison, destroy reputations, restrict voting rights, etc. and even empowered the Federal Government to create a police state (as has the War on Terror). All done in the name of making society “safe” and more “orderly,” but the war on peace has been paid for by American tax payers paying for a war their own government waged against them and their family members, as multimillion dollar pharmaceutical companies use their influence in Washington to push dangerous pills and medicines with side-effects that kill. Drug-addiction is a sickness, not a crime. Perhaps it is time to chose a different approach for the sake of the next generation.


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