Monsanto & The Federal Government: A Marriage Made In Hell


This is why multinational corporations with agricultural “super-farms” can grow harmful GMOs (genetically modified organisms), get their genetically mutated fruits and vegetables approved by the U.S. FDA (and the EPA), and then sell them to unsuspecting consumers who have become too trusting of the crap they are all feeding us (both nutritionally, and politically). But what will be the long-term consequence of millions of Americans and billions of others around the world eating this crap? Who knows, we are all one big lab experiment. I hope the “findings” turn out good, or we may just be eating our way towards our own extinction event. What a messed-up way to engage in population control! I guess President Eisenhower should have included the dangers of unethical and unnatural corporate farming from industrial-sized agricultural companies like Monsanto, when he warned the American people about the military-industrial complex! It would have been nice if America could have kept all those small farms running back then. Think of all the negative urbanization factors that could have been avoided, and all the farming families, jobs and nutritious foods that could have been saved!


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