Is Global-Warming For Real?: A Discussion Between an Environmental Protestor & A Retired Chemical Company Manager


Global-Warming Environmentalist Protestor: Global warming caused by over-population, and the excessive generation and use of toxic, solar radiation-trapping gases resulting from the sheer number of humans now on the planet, and by the over-use of fossil fuels and other green-house gases has led to drastic changes on our planet. Industrialization, fossil fuel emissions, excessive rises in methane from over-farming of animals like cows, or from the over-abundance of certain sea creatures flourishing in warmer sea waters, have led to record breaking heat waves with rampant wild-fires burning untold numbers of acres and properties leading to astronomical financial losses.

Conversely, frigidly cold winters with temperature extremes not documented since the last ice age have also arisen when holes in the ozone layer allow the cold of space to seep into and through the thin membrane that is our atmosphere. Global warming has also led to an increase in the number and intensity of “super” tropical storms across the globe (Typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda) that hit the Philippines back in November now being the worst on record. Global warming has also led to drastic changes in the Earth’s oceans and sea-life. For example, raised water temperature, and lowered salinity levels, have led to explosive growth in zoo-plankton and other micro-aquatic life that deplete oxygen levels sufficiently enough to create “dead zones” off the coasts of many countries affecting the output of the world’s fisheries at a time when food from the ocean is desperately needed like no other time in humankind’s history. Likewise, the change in water temperature and other factors not so easily understood have led to the death of large segments of the most diverse eco-systems on the planet – coral beds like the Great Barrier Reef.

In the process, we are cutting down the rainforests faster than they can create oxygen to displace the CO2, and the levels will continue to rise and lead to further extinction events on the planet even if we placed a global moratorium on the use of all “greenhouse” gases and CO2 emissions immediately. In other words, for far too long too many in a position of power have used their political influence to perpetuate the truly moronic idea that 7 billion people breathing, farting, burning fossil fuels, etc. could not affect the Earth’s weather. Now we get to live (or perhaps die) with the consequences of being willingly deceived by “big oil” and other anti-Science/anti-Green coalitions with vested interests in perpetuating the pro-fossil fuel propaganda so as to enjoy all the profits associated with our insatiable desire for environmentally out-dated “modern conveniences.” Good thing Scientists are now predicting at least 1/5th of the 200 Billion stars in the Milky Way Galaxy are potentially capable of being inhabitable. Something tells me our progeny are going to need a new “New World” to migrate to once this planet turns into another Venus or Mars due to our own stupidity. We have managed to do to ourselves in a mere 150 years or so, what a comet did to the dinosaurs in seconds.

However, despite being the authors of our own destruction, some of us still would rather practice self-deception, spread inaccurate propaganda, and/or make lame “volcanic” or “just the next warming or ice-age” arguments that refute a large body of Scientific facts as inconclusive. Why? To avoid accepting responsibility for being part of the problem, and to perpetuate the continuation of an industry that has been lucrative for them, but deadly for all of us. If you don’t believe me, get in a plane, fly to the Philippines and look-up one of the families of one of the over 6000 + people who have already died due to the drastic changes in the Earth’s climate.

Opposing View Point: That’s true because there was no funding for any group or individuals that were trying to show that global warming is a hoax. The global warning folks are having difficulty explaining why there has been no global warming for the last 17 years.

Global-Warming Environmentalist Protestor: Record-breaking temperatures being recorded all over the world Uncle, Australia currently. Temperature extremes on both hemispheres of the planet. Too hot in Southern Hemisphere right now, too cold in Northern, something is going on that we’ve never seen at least not in my life time. So I guess all the Scientific data displayed on the Al Gore movie “An Inconvenient Truth” is just fabricated lies to try to push a green agenda against big oil? Maybe so, but I know with 7 billion people on the planet, maybe less smog, and more trees might not be a bad idea.

Opposing Viewpoint: Didn’t see Al’s movie and wouldn’t give 5 cents for anything he has to say. What people have to understand is that the climate is cyclic. Maybe unusually hot this year or even for several years and then unusually cool for several years. We’ve already had two ice storms here this year and winter is only a couple weeks old. I’ve probably already burned more firewood than I have in some winters. Minnesota is going to the lowest temperatures they have see in over 20 years the next few days. In the U.S. we are entering a cooling period and will probably see more tropical storms and hurricanes along the east coast for the next several years. As far as smog/air pollution is concerned, there is much less than 30 or 40 years ago in the industrialized world. The problem is in the developing countries. CO2 is up and largely tied to the increase in automobiles. Any gains in reduced emissions is offset by increase in numbers. Population control is a real problem though. Hard to accomplish without dictatorial controls but even China is relaxing some of their controls. Outside that education is the key, especially the education of women. By educating girls they start having children at a later age and are more likely to have fewer children. Unfortunate to this is that those least able to provide for the children are those who have the most.

Global-Warming Environmentalist Protestor: Moral and book-smart education of girls is essential, likewise for boys, and perhaps legal consequences for boys who impregnate girls who can’t afford to take care of them financially or emotionally. Should totally be illegal to have kids if you can’t provide for them yourself. CO2 is up in the developing world, and coupled with slash and burn deforestation of the rainforests, and poor air and water quality standards and laws, is creating a real environmental calamity in the making. Regarding the global warming issue, I think it is difficult to understand just exactly what is going on in the world, but the record breaking heat waves and deep freezes suggest temperature variation extremes on this planet that are indicative of a real rather than theoretical climate problem. Perhaps the ozone layer is thinning, letting in more of the sun’s heat, and more of the cold of space simultaneously.


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