Humane treatment for all the children of the world is a lofty ideal U.S. taxpayers should support rather than the military budget


Ouch, you mean we need to start thinking ethically and humanely about the way we treat the people’s (or at least their kids) of the rest of the world? You mean we can’t just demonize them all, and think of them as rats or cockroaches anymore? If so, then the rest of the world’s governments and peoples need to do the same regarding the U.S.! After all, Japan attacked us first, even if it was because of the oil embargo we placed upon them. However, there is plenty of blame to go around for the deaths and injuries of innocent children on this planet (past and present), and America may now be the worst example. After all, plenty of kids have died in Iraq and Afghanistan more recently due to American involvement in those regions (not to mention the kids back at home that have lost parents who were U.S. soldiers fighting in those conflicts). Likewise, plenty of kids are dieing now in Syria due to our lack of involvement in their civil-war (perhaps).

So, I guess it would be nice if we could just elevate our thinking as adults to the point where their (the children’s) suffering could be eased, or someday eradicated. However, it is not that simple, the causes of war are complex, but it is true, some adults in some countries could care less about the suffering of children in other countries, their own country, or even in their own families. Thus, sometimes it is not easy to know when force is necessary to topple a tyrant, or when “collateral damage” will occur as a result of toppling the worst abusers. This can happen at the macro-level during war, or at the micro-level, when the police respond to a domestic disturbance call. But I digress, or do I?

At the Nation-state level, I do know when the Germans decided to start carpet-bombing English cities during World War II, and Great Britain and the U.S. responded in kind (in Europe and Japan), that we changed the way war was waged forever. How else could the U.S.’s political leaders have ever justified the spending of billions of American tax dollars to build nuclear warheads capable of killing everyone on the planet (including ourselves, and future generations of children) from the radioactive fall-out? Oh yeah, the Manhattan Project was a secret, kept from the American people until after they found out they had a bigger stick than everyone else. I guess using such a weapon to end war justified the expense at the time. But seriously, I mean what cold-blooded “you know what” really looked at the destruction at Hiroshima and Nagasaki, kids being vaporized with only their shadows remaining on the concrete walls, and said, “Hell yeah, we need to get in a nuclear arms race with the Soviet Union, out spend them, and stock-pile these suckers till we can mutually assure everyone’s destruction, or at least bankrupt the USSR, and perhaps ourselves in the process!” Maybe someone at the top hadn’t thought the whole thing through, or couldn’t have predicted some of the unintended consequences of the “Cold War.”

In the final analysis, the Cold War was a monumental waste of the American tax payers hard-earned wages, and it, along with government corruption, and unethical business practices have done more damage to America (and the future of America’s children) than any foreign country or war ever could have. So yeah, there are a lot of adults out there in many countries that may not be doing what is best for the children. And yes, for Americans, looking in the mirror first would be a good first step (before we blame the rest of the world). However, human-kind will have to “progress” or evolve beyond the primordial “killer instinct” – i.e. the desire to bash each others heads in when one feels threatened (or scarcity occurs). Either that, or all threats, fear, and scarcity must be forever eliminated within the world. Unfortunately, I don’t see any of those possibilities ever happening, at least not anytime soon. Thus, we must be prepared to live in a dangerous world, with dangerous people, and we must be the ones prepared to protect the children. And we must hope that when our government represents our interests, they are genuinely trying to do the same. If not, then perhaps it is long past due for us all to vote some new leaders into power enlightened enough to realize that we should be trying to ensure “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness” to be viable realities for all the kids of the world! But of course, our kids first.


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