Fossil-Fuel Environmentalist Protestors Indicted In Oklahoma City for Terrorism: Since When Did Glitter Become A Dangerous Substance?


The following blog article is a discussion between an environmentalist political protest supporter, and a former U.S. Marine regarding the recent indictment of two environmental protestors in Oklahoma City charged with engaging in a terrorist act.

Environmentalist Protest Supporter: In the link above, from the The Guardian article “Terror charges faced by Oklahoma fossil-fuel protestors ‘outrageous,'” one can begin to see what happens in the modern era when protestors protest the injustices of big-oil.  The military-industrial complex will not allow any dissent to affect their bottom-line objectives.  They will label protestors and even voters with legitimate concerns about how America or the rest of the world is being led as terrorists, rather than addressing those concerns.

The moment they did it to an entire political party like the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, I knew it would become a wide-spread political tool for smearing all dissenters world-wide. I just didn’t expect to see it in Oklahoma next! But I guess I shouldn’t be surprised, big oil is likely pulling the strings behind the curtain on both issues. Whether it is young Egyptians who don’t support big-oils objectives in the Middle East, or Oklahoma environmentalists, they are all seen as the enemy to big-oil, and big-oil is now painting anyone opposed to their global domination schemes as terrorists!

When a Nations’ government, a state government, or a big-oil corporation can label protestors as terrorists, the freedom to assemble and protest is destroyed, because the cost of speaking your mind becomes too great, and exercising one’s freedom of speech becomes a death sentence! True terrorists use bombs, not words.

We are at a point where we need a global Constitution to limit multinational corporate abuses of power more than we need a Federal Constitution to limit our own governments power! Check out my latest blog article if you get a chance Brett, it is interesting how the exploitation of children by these same companies reveals the extent to which a new economic system, or at the very least, ethical capitalism is needed more than ever.

U.S. Marine: Terrorist don’t just use bombs. There are many forms of and ways to conduct terroristic agendas. Although I don’t agree with it’s use in this scenario, the legislation is there to protect. I’m not sure they even cover what the protestors were really demonstrating against. My guess is also that most of the protestors drove to the rally. That’s an interesting thought in and amongst itself.

Environmentalist Protestor Supporter: A terrorist is someone who uses violence to accomplish their political objectives. Thus, terrorists can be individuals acting alone, like a suicide bomber, groups of individuals acting together, like multiple suicide bombers, or thousands of people just following orders, like the SS in Hitler’s Germany, or any Nation that wages war against another nation and “terrorizes” it’s citizens- i.e. “state sanctioned terrorism.” The vital component that defines the use of the term “terrorist” is violence (usually on a small scale, to maximize fear and insecurity in an enemy) – so without violence, you don’t have terrorists.

The Muslim Brotherhood and it’s Arab Spring supporters were using the political process and elections to accomplish their “agenda,” not violence. The Egyptian military used violence to repress protestors who did not wish to see their Democratically elected President toppled by a military coup. So, in that instance, it was actually the Egyptian military, funded by the U.S., that were using “terror tactics” to suppress dissent within the country.

Likewise, the Oklahoma environmentalists were using a glitter-covered sign to protest a big-oil company, not violence, so painting them as “terrorists” is way off the mark, and a dangerous “silencing” precedent for all who might wish to protest injustices in the future. But yes, I’m sure many of the “protestors” did drive to the rally, whether it was in a hybrid, and electric car, or a gas guzzler, but regardless, they were still protestors, not terrorists.

I’m sure if big-oil would get out of the way, and let innovation rule the day, many of those same people would be driving or flying vehicles that were not powered by fossil fuels. It is interesting to note however, that most people labeled as true “terrorists” in the modern era have arisen from the toxic political,economic, and religious environment created by “big-oil” (and their bought and paid for political cronies in Washington D.C.) who manipulate the Middle East’s geo-political sphere of influence and control for their own greedy and self-serving benefit in direct violation of international laws.

If China or Russia came to America, took over control of the region, started drawing new boundary lines, extracting our natural resources, shipping them back to their country, building walls to keep certain people in, and certain people out, started supporting colonization of other nationalities in the region with money and weapons, and enforced martial law on all those who had different religious or political beliefs when they attempted to exert their political independence, I imagine a lot of Americans would likely be labeled as “terrorists” by the conquering power attempting to maintain control too.

U.S. Marine: First, terrorism does not solely consist of “violence”. Terrorism is not so simple. Violence is a key factor of the influence it has but not the entirety of the act. For example, I can go to an airport and yell ‘BOMB’ and incite terror… I can send different people everyday to do the same thing and incite terror! The repetitive threat is in fact an act of terrorism even if I never had a bomb. One can go to a sporting event and bust open a bag of flour and toss it into the air and have someone yell “ANTHRAX!” and incite terror. Thus making that an act of terrorism.

Secondly, let’s not begin to imply the Muslim Brotherhood is a bunch of saints. They are suppressed in even the most non-violent Arab nations probably because of their doctrine and the tendency for them to incite riots, violent protests, and general history of assassination efforts. Suppressed they were by military power supported by the US. Of course, it’s going to be very difficult to find a country anywhere in the world with support from the US except radical nations. This was also an act as a military coup not a government directed action.

Thirdly, the protestors are not being indicted as “terrorists”. Several organizers whom hung a banner which appears to have dropped some sort of airborne particulate into the air which at least a few people panicked from… Remember my flour comment… Neither flour nor glitter are known to have any lethal side-effects unless we are referring to the gluttonous consumption of bread and tasty pastries from Hostess which we sometimes over-indulge in. But in this scenario, one might can see how, with certain stimuli, even innocent glitter from a banner might be mistaken. Again, not all the protestors are being indicted… Only a few with direct involvement with this errant act. The courts will decide.

On a fourth note, if big oil moves out of the chase for innovation and we find ways to fuel our lifestyles by other means such say… Electricity. Which is still predominately fossil fuel based. Or say… Wind. Of which we have tried but doggone it, it’s just too inconsistent. Or tomato juice maybe… Then we’ll be discussing the political travesties created by that darn Heinz family and the ‘Mater Industry. When one void appears, it quickly gets filled. In this one, the now Big-Mater Industry leads to severe increases in methane gas due to the use of feces to fertilize, cancer-rates rise to all new levels from the eradication of ‘mater-eating insects, and/or shortages of food become the norm because ‘maters are just so darn more lucrative of a cash crop.

Lastly, western colonization is an absurdity… No country would ever go to war for 12 years and hands-down crush their foes and withdraw, as we have/are, if our intentions were colonization. Another simple indicator is we have yet to setup any such colony over there. And it would be ridiculous to think that after having fought such a long engagement, we would do so, without at least trying to influence something that would not benefit us… We don’t force others to believe in our religious ways. We don’t lock down a civilization and implement martial law without any merit, even in Afghanistan or Iraq are we doing such things… Again, I stated ‘without merit’. Let’s also remember, we haven’t just gone over there and forcibly setup camps and drills to extract their natural resources. I do believe each one of those countries are quite happily selling us the oil. The modern-era is a very broad period of time depending on one’s interpretations. The Romans once labeled the Celts as terrorist and vice-versa, as did the Vandals whom once sacked Rome with such ‘terrorism’, that the term “vandalism” still exists today. Yet the Vandals referred to the Romans as terrorist.

Politics and financial dominance have always co-mingled as one… When there wasn’t oil, there was cotton… When there was less cotton, there was tobacco… When there was less tobacco, there was gold… Before that there was Serfdom… Successful movements always eradicate one evil that another evil shall thrive…

Environmentalist Protestor Supporter: Good points, I did not realize the good people of Oklahoma were so terrified of glitter, but since the Timothy McVeigh bombing of the Oklahoma City Federal Building, I guess I shouldn’t be all that surprised. I guess I was just trying to make the same point you more eloquently made, that one persons terrorist is another person’s patriot. The Vandals viewed the Romans as terrorists, and the Romans viewed the Celts as terrorists. Timothy McVeigh himself believed he was being a Patriot and fighting back against a Federal government he viewed as responsible for the David Koresh, Branch Davidians, Waco “Stand-off/Massacre” (depending on your perspective). So that is how he justified (to himself) bombing the FBI branch closest to that controversy on the anniversary of the incident. However, that does not mean if someone unfurls a sign in public, and it happens to sprinkle glitter on the ground, as signs made of glitter tend to do, that just because some paranoid people got scared, they should be indicted or labeled as “terrorists.”

GMO flour might be far more dangerous than you might imagine, perhaps the makers of it should be brought up on terror charges. I know I am pretty terrorized at this point by the whole idea of being forced fed genetically modified organisms. Perhaps if they keep doing it, they will be able to run vehicles on “maters” like they are currently doing with GMO field corn. Then, your absolutely right, all sorts of unintended consequences will result, like in the corn instance, the price of beef skyrocketing, and poor people in Mexico not being able to afford their corn tortillas.

Regarding the colonization argument, it makes more sense if you take into consideration the fact that Israel is our colony, and thus, we have been forcing others to believe in our religious ways, or face the consequences. Regarding the Muslim Brotherhood, their no saints, but they were democratically elected, and if we are going to claim we support the principles of democracy, then we have to support democratic outcomes even if they are anti-Western and may even cause yet a third war between Egypt and Israel with the Suez canal running right through the middle. To do otherwise, in a covert or overt fashion, is to turn our backs on the Democratic process, the legitimacy of elections, and the ability of a free people to govern themselves.

Lastly, just because politics, financial, and religious dominance have always co-mingled as one throughout the history of mankind, that does not mean we should not recognize that fact, discuss it, and try to shed light on the evil lurking behind closed doors, when sufficient light might create a positive change for a while, until the darkness creeps back in and once again proliferates. Thank you for taking the time to verbally joust with me, and to discuss the “terrorism” issue further. Despite taking a college course or two on the subject, it had not occurred to me for quite awhile that an act of terrorism could still be accomplished by a non-violent act. I should have remembered that a simple phone call or press release from Osama Bin Laden to his supporters used to be enough to make the TSA almost defecate in their pants.


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