Don’t take yourself or anything too seriously, keep things in perspective!


I’m going to have to start reminding myself about this one more often! For it seems, no matter how many times I remember or reflect on the stark reality depicted on this post, for some reason, my relative importance within the broader orbits of the celestial bodies orbiting and colliding all around me always seems to slip my mind, and I find myself once again reverting back to the childish belief that I am the center of my universe. However, I think it is a common delusion of virtually every modern man and woman on this planet. In my less than humble opinion, being self-absorbed seems to be a prerequisite of being human. Perhaps that predilection helps to explain why we have not progressed further in our efforts to explore the outer cosmos.  

For clearly, if the Milky Way galaxy was a giant toilet bowl, then we are swirling around the bowl, and we (and all the poop that gets in our way of enjoying the fact that we are still alive) hasn’t yet been flushed down the tube!  So don’t worry, be happy!


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