Confessions of an Unemployed Teacher Ranting on Facebook: Why Edward Snowden Inspired Me to be Patriotic


If you don’t like someone sharing their political opinions on FB, you probably should have guessed by now you shouldn’t be my FB friend, especially when I’m unemployed. But it occurred to me around the time of the Edward Snowden revelations, that if the National Security Agency (NSA) was using FB and other internet websites to collect information about us (U.S. citizens) against the 4th Amendment, and build social profiles of our personality traits to be used for who knows what purpose at a later date, and their excuse was “everyone is doing it.” Then the least we can do is use our 1st Amendment freedom of speech rights (while we still have them), and the same technology they are using against us, to at least attempt to stimulate further political discussion on the internet about their tactics and goals, and perhaps even thwart their attempts to undermine the U.S. Constitution, and our efforts to regain our inalienable rights to “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness” on our “personal computers.” That is what the “P.C.” in “PCs” used to stand for right?

Just saying… with the country’s infrastructure and public schools falling apart around our ears, debt at $17 trillion or more, 27 million Americans without work, 47 million on food stamps, 1/4 of the world’s prison population in our prisons, and the government spying on us all (including all the kids on school computers or “smart phones”) 24/7 from a convenient little piece of technology we access daily (often from what we used to perceive as the privacy of our own homes or personal cell phone), maybe a little political ranting is in order people! For the sake of the freedoms of future Americans, we owe it to the next generation to fight for an America we can be proud of again. Don’t let the terrorists win, by letting them destroy the best values of freedom that always was America. Join the effort, won’t you? Lets start by organizing sufficient political pressure to defund the NSA in it’s current form, lets force them to repeal the Patriot Act, and lets get them to call a Constitution Convention to re-establish Federalism, get soft-money and interest group lobbyists out of the political process, increase transparency in government decision making, and revitalize the fundamental tenants of the U.S. Constitution that have been lost or ignored over the last 50 years or more.

You can still post recipes, the latest football scores, family photos, motivational quotes, political cartoons, silly videos of pets doing tricks, advertise your favorite local bands performing, check-in with everyone, and notify them of where you are eating, drinking, etc, (since the government already knows anyway) or just let everyone know the temperature outside your home!

But conversely, please, don’t “rain on my parade” if I am actually choosing to use my given education and interests in politics to try to remind you there may be something more meaningful we could do with the “band-width” of social media (like FB) for the future benefit of all our children’s futures. You wouldn’t criticize an artist for posting their work on FB, so as an American citizen with a Masters Degree in Political Science, why should I have to feel guilty for posting my political commentary, political philosophy, and/or frequent opinion editorials for my friends and family to enjoy? How is FB not the right venue for reaching others who I wish to influence and/or motivate?

Twitter may allow you to reach more people, but with far less content, or means of expressing yourself. Likewise, blogging doesn’t get you anywhere unless your apparently willing to pay to have your opinions released or “published” to larger audiences. Thus, FB is the best worst option at the moment for aspiring political activists wishing to influence public opinion in their local spheres. If I was a computer wiz, I would invent Politics Book (PB), and solve this apparent agitation, but alas, I’m an ideas man, not a computer programmer.

If I was a half-way decent computer programmer, I would have tried to safe-guard speech on the internet from government monitoring with a quality encryption code that could not be broken (like those financial institutions use for financial transactions). Of course, our form of government, the “checks and balances” and “Bill of Rights” was supposed to have safe-guarded us from the need for such encryption codes, but the government has failed us.

Thus, since I am a college graduate trained in the study of Political Theory, Democratic Theory, Public Policy, and Constitutional Law, and because it is in my blood to teach (even if I don’t have a classroom currently) I am compelled to use my writing talents and political arguments to try to sufficiently warn everyone I care about of the dangers of continuing to support our current government’s internet “security” monitoring activities, and of our own complacent utilization of technology that is currently being used by the Federal government for dubious purposes that may very well lead to the permanent destruction of some of our most cherished and basic political freedoms.

We are destroying ourselves from the inside out. The core is rotten, and the cure is now worse than the disease. It is time to organize, coordinate, and undertake the challenging political reforms necessary for solving what has gone wrong in the U.S., and for generating economic relief, and infrastructure reconstruction in America. How can this all be done? By ratifying a new body politic in America to revitalize the one that has grown sick, old, and unable to cure the very evils it was designed to prevent! We can do better as a people, if the government, military, and wealthy elites in power will stand aside, and get out of the people’s way (while they still have heads to make such decisions), and while the people can still be pacified into believing a peaceful solution is still possible.

Regardless if you are a Democrat or a Republican, approaching the issue from both ends of the political spectrum, but being targeted for observation and information collection regardless of our political affiliations, reputations in our community, records, etc. A blanket of spying is covering all of us, and files are being kept on all of us. We the people of these United States, enemies of the STATE. Regardless of your political affiliations, we all have our names on the same list.

Nice to see FB, Google, Twitter, Microsoft, Apple, etc. all joining forces now publicly to make a statement against blanket government surveillance of innocent citizens around the world without probable cause. Obviously, they are a little late, and reacting to potential profit loss, but better late than never! Right AT&T, Verizon, etc? Time to restore your customers trust in your products and services too, and all of you tech giants can’t do that if your handing over all our customer information and data without a warrant to governments of the world.

I think the tech. companies are starting to realize they might get “hung out to dry” in court by the Federal government, if they start getting sued by thousands if not millions of customers who realize their privacy rights have been violated by complicit company compliance with government requests for personal information and data. That, and the increasing list of countries who are encouraging their citizens not to use American internet services that expose them to NSA monitoring could be starting to make them sufficiently nervous about their bottom lines to realize they could lose a lot of business globally if they don’t get on-board the anti-NSA “blanket surveillance” bandwagon. A unified statement by them against the policy and tactics of governments across the globe to use the internet for blanket surveillance of all users has been a long time coming, too bad they had to wait until after they got caught red-handed by Snowden’s leaks about them giving (or allowing) the government (to take) all our personal and private PC information away without a warrant, before they finally stood-up for their and our rights.


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