An Arguement in Support of Population Control: Why The Human Species Must Stop Having Feral Children


We have to save ourselves from ourselves, before the “virus” Scientifically known as “Homo sapiens” spreads across the planet in sufficient numbers and densities to consume and pollute all the natural resources to the point of creating a natural extinction event of our species and many others.

I am talking about population control folks, either by exercising responsible parenting, and not having more than you can afford to take care of yourself. Or by self-sterilization (or perhaps even governmental involvement) if necessary, until you prove yourself worthy of being a parent by some agreed upon criteria (IQ/Financial Capacity/positive genetic factors), or if that sounds too harsh or discriminatory, then I guess we can just keep letting the “war pigs” and the spread of contagious diseases make the tough decisions for us. H1N1 doesn’t discriminate though, it will kill anyone.

Too many feral organisms over-populating any habitat will have dire consequences on the health, safety, and well-being of the whole ecosystem.


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