U.S. Terrorism Spending Properly Understood in Relation to the Actual Threat: Why America Is Spending Far Too Much Money, Time, and Resources on the War on Terror

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Our government supposedly has a vested interest in keeping us safe, healthy, and productive as citizens. That is why the war on terror was supposedly waged to fight against those who would try to harm or kill innocent Americans. But, if you want to see how disproportionate the U.S. spending is on terrorism related deaths, as opposed to any other cause of death, the article entitled:

Anti-Terrorism Spending 50,000 Times More Than on Any Other Cause of Death

linked above (from the website thinkbynumbers.org) is very revealing indeed. I know I was very surprised to find out from that article that we spend 50,000 times more in the U.S. on combating terrorism related deaths, than on any other cause of death! Likewise, one particular paragraph that really stood out for me in the above linked article was the following:

“It’s conventional wisdom that military spending is good for the economy. However, most macroeconomic models show that, in the long term, military spending diverts resources from productive uses, such as consumption and investment. This ultimately slows economic growth and reduces employment. So if one thinks they’re protecting our economy by taking trillions of dollars away from other productive uses to fight the so-called global war on terror, they should consider upgrading their abacus to a calculator.”

The efforts of a select few “concerned leaders” to seal our fates as a perpetual militaristic authoritarian police-state, via their emotionally charged rhetoric and fascist appeals for safety and order, in the wake of highly publicized but infrequent and isolated terrorist attacks, has served to do nothing more than elevate the small chance of someone being killed by terrorism (less likely than be struck by lightning) into a psychological crisis of epidemic proportions that is undermining America’s economy and its political institutions far worse than what any terrorist could ever do with a bomb. In other words, our politicians are using terrorist threats and activities to spread greater fear than is warranted, so as to fund their economic and political ambitions, and to further erode the American people’s liberties. So in that scenario, who are really the biggest terrorists of them all?


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