U.S. Tax Payers Pay More For Their Country’s Military Funding Than The Next 10 Super Powers Combined!

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Image  Nuclear Weapons


Do you think maybe, just maybe, the United States spends more money on military spending than we need to? Out of a list of the top 15 countries of the world who spend the most on their military, we are not only first, but we are SO first, that you can add China’s, Russia’s, the U.K’s, Japan’s, France’s, Saudi Arabia’s, India’s, Germany’s, Italy’s, and Brazil’s military spending together (the top 10 below the U.S.), and we still out spend them by $30.6 billion dollars per year! You have to add South Korea to the top 10 list (after the U.S.) to actually out-spend the U.S.!!! So, to put that into perspective, out of 196 countries in the world, out of a list of the top 15 of the world’s biggest spenders on military funding, you have to combine 11 of the top spenders (after the U.S.) to over-take the U.S’s current spending on our yearly military budget. So if you measured our country’s power by spending alone, we could take on 10 or 11 of the other super-powers of the world simultaneously, and we would still presumably kick their butts. However, that realization begs the following questions: 1) When is enough U.S. tax payer money for funding our already bloated military budget really enough?; 2) How safe from other foreign nations do we really need to be?; and 3) At what point should domestic economic and political issues take precedence over international issues and U.S. foreign policy?  The answers to these questions should drive all U.S. military spending moving forward.


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