What patriotism looks like when your government has become tyrannical

31 Leviathan  NSA1NSA2  Snowden

I’ve never written anything unpatriotic or un-American. I am a true patriot through and through, and that is why I believe in the consent of the governed, and in the potential of my country and it’s people to rise above the tyranny that an ever encroaching unlimited government has wrought upon us ever since 9/11, and the passage of the Patriot Act. Revelations of how much the U.S. tax payers are expected to pay to fund our military and the war on terror, along with revelations about secret prisons, enhanced interrogation techniques, drone strikes on countries we are not at war with, covert Seal-Team 6 black-op assassinations, and all encompassing N.S.A. surveillance measures revealed by Edward Snowden (to name but a few Constitutional violations and atrocities), lifted the veil on our military-industrial complex run government. Thus, I write in response to the fear I now have for our current form of government, because of its use of authoritarian laws, anti-Federalist totalitarian control, and emotionally charged rhetoric and fascist measures, by an elitist ruling class that no longer follows the tenants of our Constitution or truly cares for the “safety and happiness” of the American people, Thus, it behooves us all to remember that “whenever any form of government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the right of the people to alter or abolish it, and to institute new Government,” After all, in the Declaration of Independence, it doesn’t say the Government’s foundation should be organized and constructed from principles and powers that ensure “safety or happiness,” it says “safety and happiness.” So some “altering or abolishing” would seem to be in order at this point, if we can muster the courage to exercise our inalienable rights to reform the government to once again honor it’s constitutional obligations.  Ideally, in the process, it would be nice if we weren’t labeled as terrorists, or as in engaging in acts of treason, when our patriotic and enlightening political writing (and mere words on a monitor) hold a reflective mirror to the Leviathan’s  face, and it doesn’t like what it sees, when we recognize it for what it is.


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