98% of Egyptian Voters Ratified Egypt’s New Pro-Military Constitution: Or Conversely, 98% of the 40% of The Egyptian Electorate Not Labeled As Terrorist Sympathizers by The Egyptian Military Support It, So That’s 38%, That’s Good Right?

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Well, 98% of Egyptian voters who turned out to vote in Egypt’s most recent election voted “yes” to ratify the new Egyptian Constitution empowering the Egyptian military to do virtually whatever it wishes. However, only 40% of the Egyptian electorate actually voted, because the other 60% either boycotted the election or felt too intimidated to vote. The political party they had voted into power has been toppled in a military coup, and they have now been labeled as terrorists. Thus, more than half of all Egyptian voters are now terrorist sympathizers according to the Egyptian military. So much for the Arab Spring.

I wonder what percentage of the $1.3 billion dollars American tax payers are forking over to the U.S. government to support the Egyptian military’s anti-democratic efforts was spent to buy this election, and intimidate a majority of Egypt’s people. I guess election engineering is one way to avoid repeats of costly wars between Egypt and Israel, but then what is the point for putting-on such an elaborate deception? Legitimacy can’t be bought, it must be earned. “Democratic” elections are not democratic if more than half of the electorate have been bullied into not voting.  But then again, I guess 38% trumps 62% of the electorate anytime you’ve got America’s government backing your regime.  Nevertheless, a military coup is still not a popular uprising, no matter how much double-speak the Obama administration would like to use to suggest otherwise.  Thus, perhaps it is time for us all to contact our Congressperson and demand that we stop spending hard earned U.S. tax-payer money in Egypt to thwart democracy, and instead, we start spending it to rebuild our Nation’s economy,  repair some dangerously unstable bridges, and invest in other important domestic  infrastructure projects!


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