The 10 Commandments: A modern interpretation fo the benefit and moral teaching of kids


1. Never love anything more than God – including money, popularity, yourself, a boyfriend/girlfriend, a car, bicycle, X-Box, or Play Station, your smart phone, your favorite movies, cartoons, toys, or anything else you think you just must get your parents to buy for you!

2. Show your love for God by loving yourself (be good to you); love your family (be kind and helpful to your parents, brothers, and sisters); love your school and community (be kind to your teachers and others you meet outside your home); live a “Godly Life” – go to church with your parent(s), listen to the sermons of your Parent’s faith, and follow the spiritual teachings you receive on how to live as a good person.

3. Do not cuss or use God’s name in a cuss word, because to do so is to be disrespectful to God.

4. Study & do all assigned school work and chores Monday – Saturday, and rest & play on Sunday. The rest of the week stay productive and only play after you’re done with all your assignments and chores, and have your parent’s permission.

5. Love your Mother & Father by showing them respect (doing as they ask), be truthful, never run-away, never ignore them, or argue with them when they correct you.

6. Be respectful to all living things – don’t hurt or kill anything that might have a soul, unless you have permission from your parents to harvest the animal for food.

7. Always listen to your parents. They should only want to help you grow, by applying or interpreting God’s teachings for you, so you can mature into a loving & compassionate human being.

8. Do not steal – A thief cannot be trusted in anyone’s home!

9. Do not lie – A liar will never be trusted by anyone, not even their parents!

10. Don’t be jealous of what your friends or others around you have, and don’t be greedy with what you have. You get what you need from God, but only if you are thankful for what you already have. Avoid wanting what others have, & never steal something just because you want it too. Always earn what you need, and you will learn the true value of hard work.


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