Arise from the cave of ignorance, and join us in the light of truth


Arise from the cave of ignorance, and join us in the light of truth.  Our Federal Government is spending the tax money of our children’s children, and writing checks it can’t cash without further U.S. investment, or more debt being purchased by the top lenders to the U.S. – China, Japan, Brazil, Taiwan, Switzerland, Russia, Luxembourg, Belgium, or Hong Kong.  The National Debt is currently $17 trillion.  If you project 75 years into the future, and compare the number of tax payers to the total tax burden of the Federal Government’s current promises, then the government has, or rather, will have “unfunded liabilities” in Social Security, Medicare, and Federal pensions that total $87 trillion on top of the current debt (making the future Federal debt over $100 trillion)!  National defense spending for this year is $632.8 billion, and 47 million Americans are currently on food stamps because they either can’t find work (31 million), or don’t make enough to be self-sufficient without government assistance (the other 16 million).  Our nation’s infrastructure is crumbling, current estimates suggest 65,000 bridges are in dire need of repair, and will cost $76 billion dollars to fix.  Furthermore, now that “quantitative easing” by the Federal Reserve is becoming a thing of the past, interest rates will inevitably go up, and paying the interest payment on the Nation’s debt will soon become the American tax payers biggest expense (for those who can actually find work)!  So fewer workers are going to be obligated to pay ever increasing amounts of taxes, even though they are being paid less.  That is a formula for guaranteed economic slavery.   

These cold hard facts reveal that clearly our “limited government” is unlimited and unchecked by the American people, and according to the Founding Fathers, that means it is also unconstitutional in it’s present form.  Also, perhaps not surprisingly our elected representatives don’t really represent the typical taxpayer anymore, they represent the cash-flush corporations that pay for their costly elections, and re-elections, but don’t pay their fair-share of taxes.  In fact, these same companies are often subsidized instead, and their stock-holders will not pick up the tab if and when the American “cookie” crumbles.  The rich elites who made themselves richer off the sweat and toil of an “out-sourced” dwindling American middle-class have no patriotic allegiances to any one country anymore.  As a result, if you protest what is happening now, you risk being unfairly labeled as a terrorist rather than a true patriot.  If the average citizen chose to take the same approach as most corporations have done, and leave the country to seek better economic opportunities and lower tax liabilities, they would (will) restrict travel abroad.  Thus, clearly apathy and ignorance are no longer an option for America’s citizens, unless you want to remain blissfully unaware and do absolutely nothing until it is much too late to counter the irresponsible economic and unpatriotic political behaviors of those in power driven by greed and the desire for even more power. 

On the other hand, perhaps it doesn’t matter anymore, and we’ve already reached a critical mass.  Perhaps it is just a matter of time until hiding in a cave will be a very logical and reasonable survival strategy for our species yet again.  After all, civilizations and empires crumble in a cyclical and historic pattern, and the “dark ages” that inevitably ensue after any collapse of civilization are “dark” for a very good reason.  But despite this dire prophecy (or rather, documented historic trend), I still wish to hope for a better tomorrow, and I still wish to believe that through education and enlightenment we can take our country and the planet back from those who are morally and ethically bankrupt.  If I did not believe in hope, I would never have chosen to become a teacher, nor would I have ever chosen to bring a new fragile life into this world.  So please, if your head has been in your rear-end, remove it, and lets all hope for a better future.  But let us all also act with a resolve and a determination that displays and reveals to the establishment that we will not take “no” for an answer any longer.  Unless of course, it is in relation to increased Federal spending, in that instance, “no” is almost assuredly the right answer.


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