Charcter Assassination via NSA Surveillance: An Ancient Political Tactic With A Modern Technological Twist

IranKerryImage    NSA 2NSAObama Israel

Anyone else fascinated by the international politics occurring in the Middle East as of late?  With the efforts of President Barack H. Obama to use diplomacy rather than force against Syria and Iran, Saudi Arabia and Israel have oddly become allies!  Despite the fact that Saudi Arabia is literally the “Mecca” of the Muslim world, and Israel is the “Star of David” of the Jewish world, they have joined forces to offset Iran’s growing potential influence in the region now that the U.S. has chosen diplomacy over conflict.  This very “odd couple” both desire to overthrow the Assad regime in Syria, they have similar views on Libya, and they have found an important European ally in France who is trying to rebuild its economy and international power by basically doing Saudi Arabia’s/Israel’s bidding.  What does that look like on the world stage?  France recently threw a major “monkey-wrench” in the U.S. led Iranian peace talks when France’s foreign minister arrived with several major objections that were likely to derail the diplomatic route.  Why would France do this, are they being led by lofty principles, or base profit motives?  Well, the answer to that question appears to be the latter. France is now the fourth largest weapons exporter in the world, and they stand to make a great deal of money doing Saudi Arabia’s and Israel’s political bidding, now that a President Obama led U.S. is no longer willing to do what they are told in the region when Israel or Saudi Arabia say “jump.”

France had a great deal of incentive to be a thorn in America’s side, because they stand to make a great deal of money on military arms contracts with Saudi Arabia, and has also been selling arms to other Sunni led Muslim Gulf States.  In fact, a $1.5 billion dollar deal has been made for France to refurbish Saudi Arabia’s aging Navy, and with a faltering economy, this is France’s big chance to become a major political player again.  It is also their biggest chance to revitalize their economy with Saudi petro-dollars no less.  So apparently the Sunni’s have joined forces with the Jews against the Shiites (a.k.a. the Persians), and France has set itself up to make a great deal of money by thwarting the U.S. peace process with Iran.  If you didn’t grasp the fundamental shift in U.S. foreign policy, and Middle Eastern politics in that last statement, read it again.  The U.S. is on the verge of being an Iranian ally against Saudi Arabia, other Sunni led Gulf States, France and Israel!!!  The age-old American expression “That’s incredible!” readily comes to mind.

With France attempting to make this major power grab irregardless of what the U.S or the E.U. thinks about the issue, and with Saudi Arabia and Israel now determined to thwart the diplomatic path to peace with Iran, it begs the question to ask what could America possibly do to move the peace process and diplomacy forward with France leading the effort to undermine their efforts?  Well, due to the Edward Snowden whistle-blower NSA spying revelations, we all know the NSA has been spying on foreign leaders (including European ones), and listening in on their cell phone conversations, right?  So has anyone considered that the recent adulterous affair revelations plastered across the international news agencies against France’s President Francois Hollande was leaked for the express purpose of derailing Hollande’s efforts to support the Saudi’s and Israel’s intentions to derail the U.S. led Iranian Nuclear Arms peace talks?  When the French came into the nuclear talks with their major objections it was a serious set-back for Secretary of State John Kerry and President Barack H. Obama, but despite the setback, the U.S. felt they could still pull the deal out of the fire.  Therefore, one must ask the question, were these embarrassing adulterous affair revelations against France’s President, revelations the French press were already well aware of, but didn’t think warranted public scrutiny, revelations that sent France’s First Lady into the hospital for treatment of “emotional shock,” were they an American inspired conspiracy to undermine a European President who was actively undermining new American foreign policy objectives?

If so, such an underhanded political tactic is a low-down dirty deed indeed, and provides powerful insight into the real reasons why the NSA’s international spying capabilities are so important and effective for ensuring American political objectives abroad.  If you can listen-in on a European President’s phone calls, discover intimate details of their private lives (like who they are cheating on their wives with), then use that information to sabotage their political carriers and their marriage (albeit with a little help from the French President), because they have chosen to back a self-serving political and economic agenda that is counter to your own, that is real behind the scenes power!  It is despicable, but it is effective, and could very well undermine France’s ability to effectively thwart America’s political objectives if it stirs French protesters to topple their president and seek political reform.  Talk about pulling the Iranian nuclear peace talks out of the fire, and throwing your lone European political opponent into the fire!

It has been reported that France’s First Lady Valerie Trierweiler is ready to forgive her husband for his infidelity with actress Julie Gayet, but she wants to know what his intentions are.  Perhaps she is ready to forgive him, but I don’t think the U.S. power structure supporting diplomacy in the nuclear talks with Iran is ready to forgive him anytime soon regardless of his intentions.  In France everyone has a mistress, it is part of their culture, but if France had not been bribed into supporting Saudi Arabia and Israel against the U.S., the U.K. and Iran in the nuclear talks, I honestly don’t think we would now know the name of the French President’s mistress.

With the advent of the U.S.’s ability to use the NSA and the Prism project to conduct surveillance against anyone everywhere, this is apparently how the “game” is now played, talk about dirty politics!  I wonder who feels the dirtiest over all of this, the French President, his mistress, General Keith B. Alexander (the NSA director), Secretary of State John Kerry, President Obama, or the Saudi’s?  If I had to make a high-stakes bet, I would put my money on Israel.  For it is they who are making deals with those they perceive as Muslim “devils” to thwart the potential spread of Iranian Shiite influence throughout the Middle East.  For if the economic sanctions are lifted against Iran, and the U.S. provides Iran with a means to gain greater political and economic influence in the region once the nuclear threat is resolved, then Saudi Arabia’s influence and control over the Middle East will be tenuous, and Israel’s greatest potential threat in the region will be emboldened to use conventional weapons of war against them and anyone else who stands in their way.  How does the saying go, “The enemy of my enemy is my friend.”

This ancient wisdom appears to be the driving force behind Israel’s current foreign policy decisions to join forces with such strange bed-fellows.  But with the revelations that Saudi Arabia may have backed terrorist plots against the U.S., perhaps U.S. foreign policy supporting lifting economic sanctions against Iran is also motivated by the same logic.  Time will tell if media revelations of the Socialist French President’s sordid affair with an actress will serve to undermine his political career and throw a “monkey wrench” in France’s economic recovery backed by Saudi Arabian petro-dollars and Gulf War arms sales.  But one thing is certain, if the NSA is being used to spy on world leaders so their private lives can be used to destroy their public careers, then the U.S. has effectively used technology to ensure their objectives will always be implemented.  A new form of global domination is arising that does not rely on antiquated and indiscriminate nuclear bombs.

The U.S. position, why worry about Iran obtaining a nuclear bomb, because even if they made one or more, and created a delivery system to bomb Israel, the fall-out would also kill Iran’s Palestinian brothers.  In other words, smart-bombs, drones, NSA surveillance, and the underhanded covert use of that information to assassinate the character of world leaders who oppose U.S. objectives are the new tactics being used on an ever changing “battle field.”  A battle-field where long term enemies have become weary allies, and what a French President does between the sheets can be used by the U.S. as a means to alter nuclear peace-talks and thwart Middle Eastern nations like Saudi Arabia who are flush with cash.  If this scandal mitigates the French opposition to the nuclear peace talks, it remains to be seen how the U.S. will thwart Saudi Arabia’s and Israel’s common goal of keeping the heat on Iran simultaneously.  Both countries have proven themselves to no longer be willing to be restrained by U.S. bribes, military support, or back-room deals.  Thus, the NSA has their work cut out for them, if they are going to sufficiently tarnish the reputations of Israel’s President Shimon Perez and Saudi Arabia’s King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Al Saud.  Mr. Perez’s wife died in 2011, and King Saud has four official wives and has had up to thirty wives in the past, so the NSA will not be able to use the exact same tactic against these two world leaders, but then again, we all know everyone has skeletons in their closet, so it is likely only a matter of time before the NSA earns it’s approximate annual budget of $18 billion dollars.

But think about it, if in the future the U.S. can use Machiavellian NSA tactics – i.e. dropping secret devastating personal information about powerful world leaders to the world media to remove them from positions of power – rather than dropping bombs, or resorting to other forms of conventional or nuclear weapons to accomplish it’s objectives, then think about how much of America’s $632.8 billion dollar military budget could be cut!  Why wage war with millions of civilians, when you can just engage in character assassination of their leader to accomplish your objectives.  Gives new meaning to the term “surgical strike,” and is an ominous portend of the dangerous abuses of power yet to come from the “greatest country in the world.”  Clearly, it is a brave new world, and the way in which war is now waged relies on ancient lessons learned, but with technologically advanced surveillance equipment that no one can thwart or escape, not even the so-called democratically elected “leaders of the world.”



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