Why multinational corporations must be taught “ethical capitalism” by moral parents using their “purse-string power” to protect girls from sexual exploitation.

Little girls deserve better than to be told to make themselves sexy

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I just got through reading the article entitled “Little girls deserve better than to be told to make themselves sexy” by Laura Bates published in The Woman’s Blog of The Guardian (see link above).  And after reading that article, and thinking on the subject further, a few things occurred to me.  First I must say several people’s comments afterwards focusing all their attention on whether Barbie dolls are bad missed the mark terribly!  However, the article inspired me to address the larger social, economic, and political issue.  For after reading that article, it now all makes sense to me why you see all these young girls walking around in the malls scantily clad wearing outfits a lady of the night would have been embarrassed to wear a few decades ago. They have been pre-programmed to think of themselves as sex objects at increasingly younger ages, because the entertainment industry, the advertising industry, the textiles industry, the fashion industry, the cosmetics industry, and the cosmetic surgery industry make far too much money off keeping them focused on their external appearance, rather than allowing them to develop their own inner self-worth.  Therefore, if we are going to ban cigarette and alcohol manufacturers from advertising to kids because of the destructive impact their products can have on impressionable youth, then perhaps there are several other industries we should target for government regulations that appear to be turning a generation of eager to please young girls into either vain, self-absorbed, anorexic, clueless, insecure, promiscuous hussies, or conversely, unkempt, self-hating, bulimic, withdrawn, and utterly depressed homebodies. 

What is being lost between these two sad extremes? All the properly raised, intelligent and self-confident young ladies out there who are becoming a rare extinct species, while “un-lady-like tramps” begin to proliferate in numbers in a highly sexually charged corporate advertising environment apparently purposely designed to make girls believe “true freedom” is wearing as little as you want, and being as sexually active as you want, because as Paris Hilton would say, “That’s hot.”  But making a porno video is probably not the best way for a young lady with any dignity to get attention.  But that doesn’t stop impressionable girls who don’t look like Paris from feeling inadequate, and all the young women who do not meet this idolized, objectified, ideal of the “perfect woman” (a life-sized Barbie doll) feel obligated by societal norms to resign themselves to being in the “Not” category, and I’m sorry, but that is just a ridiculous, sad, and unacceptable dichotomy!

When 11 year old girls not only know how to “twerk,” but get immense joy out of doing it, you have to realize what they may naively view as just dancing, is actually a sign of severe societal decay with long-term unforeseen moral consequences that need to be addressed immediately at the political level.  It’s not just a “fad,” it’s a sign of how depraved and misguided our society has become with the decline of morality and the church in the modern era.  Science and reason have not filled the vacuum left by the loss of religion’s power and influence within American culture.  So, perhaps we do need a “wrecking ball” at this point, but if Ms. Miley Cyrus wants to straddle it nude, and ride on top of it, while it tears down this morally bankrupt Nation, then perhaps she should take a long hard look inside herself, recognize the negative impact the record industry and Disney have had on her, recognize the impact she is now having on so many young ladies out there watching her, and consider keeping her tongue in her mouth, and putting some clothes back on instead!  But more importantly, such images should probably never be out there for public consumption, particularly if they are going to be viewed by so many young impressionable minds, serve only to objectify young women as sex objects, and are likely to be viewed by young impressionable girls looking for guidance and wise decisions from role-models displayed on television.  If we could make TV “wholesome” again, then if Miley wanted to still “come in like a wrecking ball,” then she could break gender stereotypes, and be the crane operator, instead of shedding her clothes like so many other women are expected to do when things don’t go quite as planned in Hollywood.

But I guess that is part of the problem, if she stopped trying to be a sex symbol, and put in the hard work to focus everyone’s attention on her singing talents, perhaps she is afraid she would go largely unnoticed. Why does a young woman have to take off her clothes, and be sexually provocative in this day and age to get attention? Why is such behavior rewarded by various for-profit industries taxed by the U.S. government rather than condemned? Naturally, almost everyone enjoys a certain amount of attention, but perhaps the modern almighty quest for popularity, fame, and fortune has served to erode common sense and decency in far too many impressionable young girls who need to focus on the growth between their ears more than anywhere else.  Far too many young women are being placed upon a path to ruin by seeking fame in Hollywood, by first being molded by Disney into princess wannabes, then into “twerking tweens” by the music industry, only later to become fame-seeking actress “hope-fulls” who either rise to the top, or far too often than not, fall miserably short.  As a result, they are often forced by circumstances, a loss of hope, or an easy-money mind-set, or perhaps all three, to either become waitresses, and bar maids, or topless dancers, “escorts,” scantly clad singers, or porno queens!  How is that for a girl’s dreams coming true??!!!  Why are they encouraged by so many to dream of fame and fairy-tales  in the first place, when such epic delusions more likely than not will only lead them towards so many potential nightmares?  We give them Barbie dolls as an image of the perfect woman, a thin, white, long haired beauty, molded of plastic, and silent.  We give boys G.I. Joe dolls so they will be “raised to be cannon-fodder.” (see article comments).  We need to think about what we are exposing our children too,  because they are porous little sponges that soak up everything!

Why is it the first thing out of people’s mouths when they see a little girl, is “Oh, you’re so pretty!”  A young girl (like any young person) is very impressionable, so as parents, we need to make sure our daughters recognize their is more to them than just their looks.  Now don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with pointing out how “pretty,” or “cute,” or “beautiful” a girl is, but make sure you continue or finish-up your remarks with at least one comment about how smart they are becoming too.  We should also make sure they are not getting the wrong impressions about what personal freedom looks like from the very corporate entities whose only concerns are profit and exploitation of children for further profits.  Personal freedom also requires personal responsibility, and a girl should never have to sell her dignity in order to be successful in this world.

If multinational corporations will set up shop in foreign countries to exploit the cheap labor of kids in Third-World countries that lack adequate child labor laws, so as to make cheaper products for American consumers to buy, simply so they can make larger profits, do you really think they are going to suddenly “see the light” on their own? Do you really think they will suddenly recognize that the tween-sized g-string panties, sweats with “juicy” printed across the butt, or revealing hip-huggers and “daisy-duke” shorts in kids sizes being made by poor Bangladeshi kids in their own sweat-shop textile mills (crumbling down around them no less) is actually something they should stop doing, because it is immoral?  When there is big money to be made in child exploitation, selling products with sexual innuendo, and selling sexually explicit or revealing clothes to young girls who only wish to be more popular,  then nothing will stop it until someone takes the moral high ground and demands change!  That is why parental awareness, consumer boycotts, and even greater political oversight of corporate entities is more necessary than ever to combat the decline of morality in the modern era. 

Keep this need for further scrutiny by an informed, conscientious, and determined citizenry in mind as your millionaire Congressmen in Washington D.C. choose to give away your oversight and theirs by “fast-tracking” approval for President Obama to pass the Trans-Pacific Partnership.  This Pacific Rim trade deal will ensure the capitalistic ideals of “free trade” by “any means necessary,” so forget “fair trade.”  It will serve to reduce trade “barriers” like Congressional oversight of immoral and unethical business practices (like the ones I’ve been speaking of), so they can “level the playing field” and make us all poor (morally, ethically, and financially), while they get rich quick off selling products with sex by relying on scantly-clad young women selling themselves short for a buck. 

Ironically, Miley has figured out a way to use her sexuality as a “wrecking ball” to further erode the once almost stellar reputation of a Hollywood company that has perpetuated gender stereotypes since the beginning of it’s inception.  However, it would be far better if young women need not rely on such raw sexual images and displays of lewd behavior to gain success or to get their valid political points across.  Likewise, it would be far better if corporations would be better corporate citizens, and would not use younger, and younger women as sexual toys to sell their products.  All women deserve equality everywhere, and they should not need to lower their moral standards so as to meet any man who lacks sufficient moral character at some half-way mark to be put on a pedestal only to ultimately be degraded while in the limelight, nor should they ever grow-up without being exposed to a sufficient level of morality in their young lives.  A moral compass is so important for every young lady (and man) today, because it is the only thing that will ever ensure a sufficient level of self-esteem grows inside each and everyone of them.  Without self-esteem, it is much harder to recognize shameful behavior and conduct when you see it or are asked to engage in it for profit.  Along with etiquette, propriety and a certain level of self-restraint, esteem is perhaps the only character traits that will ever provide young ladies with sufficient moral fortitude, courage,  and strength to say “No!” when some sleazy business executive, record producer, Hollywood producer/director, or some other greedy man with a hidden agenda asks them to sell their dignity and perhaps their very souls to feel admired, wanted, loved, or special, and of course, to increase corporate profits.  In the final analysis, it is just so sad to see so many young impressionable girls and women are being manipulated by corporate interests into “betting the whole farm” on being “discovered,” and “letting it all hang out” in front of strangers, in the unrealistic hopes that their bodies and their sexuality will deliver a potential pay-off of fame or fortune that they apparently don’t believe they have the confidence, determination, or ability to earn with their own brawn and/or brains.

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