U.S. military resorts to subterfuge and mass-media propaganda to justify U.S.’s/Iraq’s smart bomb / drone war in Iraq against all unwilling to support their pro-Western “puppet government”

U.S. to speed up deliveries of missiles and drones to Iraq as Baghdad battles Al Qaeda resurgenceImage

Anybody wonder who paid for those smart-bomb missile strikes they are showing footage of in Iraq presently? Or who is guiding them to their targets? Last I heard the U.S. was no longer at war with Iraq. I guess this is what Secretary of State John Kerry’s statements about the U.S. supporting the Iraqi government, but with no “boots on the ground” looks like in practice – U.S. military guided smart-bombs hitting predetermined targets.  So it looks like the U.S. war in Iraq is not quite over yet folks!  Too bad no American news networks are bothering to let the American people know the American government has decided to start bombing cities and villages in Iraq again.  Apparently, we’ve all got to use our own deductive reasoning and CNN news footage of the bombing to figure it out for ourselves.

Just for the heck of it, give me a second, I’m going to turn the channel over to BBC, and see if the “bloaks” “across the pond” are willing to be less biased in their coverage of the issue. After all, the UK’s own parliament actually stopped their Prime Minister David Cameron from sending their country into yet another war with another country (Syria) when he had the audacity to ask Parliament for their support. Imagine if President Obama had done the same, and had asked Congress if he thought we should bomb Iraq again since it appears terrorists are taking over some towns there (if the Iraq government’s, I mean the U.S. government’s propaganda is to be believed).   Of course, President Obama could have likely gotten Congressional support from a Conservative lead House of Representatives, but that would have made him look bad to his few remaining Democratic supporters.  Perhaps not, but either way, it would have been nice to know we still live in a country where at least the options could be debated.  That is how the “checks and balances” of the Constitutional system is supposed to work right? 

President Obama was apparently happy to involve Congress on the Syria issue once John Kerry accidentally created new foreign policy and gave him another option, and after his British counter-part got handed his hat by his own Parliament, so why not on Iraq? To think, we have to look towards Great Britain now to see what democracy in action looks like! That is a truly revolting development indeed for those who fled the abuses of power caused by Monarchy.   Personally, I hate realizing what my country’s government is doing, after watching “smart-bomb” (what an oxymoron) footage on CNN, and I suddenly realize I can read between the lines of the spectacular smart-bomb footage, and the Iraqi government led bombing campaign claims, and the truth hits me smack in the face like a bolt of lightning.  It would be much better if we lived in a transparent democratic system that ensured limited government and encouraged open and honest debate on important political issues like who we are bombing and why. 

Oh, and after two hours of watching BBC, believe it or not, but not a peep!  They are reporting that all 50 U.S. states are reporting freezing weather, a french comedian is being censored in Paris by the French President for his antisemitic jokes, Brooklyn fashion and culture has caught on in Stockholm, Switzerland, Egyptian forces are worried about unrest regarding Morsi’s upcoming trial (you think?), a U.S. military helicopter has crashed in the U.K, Turkish police chiefs in 16 districts have been fired by the Turkish President, and a former Miss Venezuela beauty queen and actress was murdered while on vacation in her native country with her British ex-husband (who was also murdered) and their daughter (who may survive) after their car broke down in a bad neighborhood. But nothing on the U.S. or U.K. involvement in Iraq’s new war against Al Qaeda.  So I guess the BBC hasn’t heard anything about who is dropping the bombs in Iraq either, could care less, or apparently the definition of “headline news” has now changed in at least two Western countries.  But if you consider the fact that the United Kingdom is also likely involved in this whole mess, it helps to better explain why “mums the word” regarding the BBC.

If you read the attached article, and juxtapose it to the CNN smart-bomb footage, you have to think we are already doing more than just planning to send the Iraqi government free missiles and drones paid for with our U.S. tax dollars. Clearly from the video footage being shown on at least one cable network, the U.S. military is already guiding the “smart bombs” that are striking Iraqi targets!  Unless of course the American military (or CIA) has been training members of the Iraqi government (or the Iraqi military) to handle our highly sensitive and technologically advanced smart-bomb “death-sticks”!  That seems highly unlikely.  Vice President Joe Biden, mentioned in the linked article recently suggested he was concerned about innocent Iraqi civilians being targeted by terrorists.  In the times we now live in, most Americans are concerned about terrorism too, but I have to admit, right now, I’m more concerned about the covert war America’s military-industrial complex is fighting in Iraq as I write this post. You know the one Joe and everyone in a position of power is saying the Iraqi government is leading and fighting, but with missiles and drones American tax payers will obviously be expected to pay for.

So technically, the article’s title linked to this blog should read, “U.S. to speed up free deliveries of re-enforcement missiles and drones to Iraq as the 100 or so U.S. military personnel still stationed at the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad bombs “Al Qaeda” (or at least some armed Muslims that don’t support a pro-American Iraqi government).”  However, I suspect a more accurate title that conveys a very different political message, would be far less palatable to a war-weary American public.  I can see clearly now why it is profitable and practical for the military-industrial complex to keep the masses in the dark, and thinking untruths about what they are doing, it just makes things so much easier.  Could you imagine if they had to debate these types of military decisions in the light of day before Congress?  A majority of Americans or their so-called representatives might actually form an opinion that didn’t support their bombing campaign.  President Obama would become about as popular as President Nixon, who carpet-bombed Cambodia in secret, until the truth came out, then he did it anyway until public opinion forced him to stop.  I guess if they can convince people that the Iraqi government is handling the problem with indirect help from the U.S. and the U.K., then it will help us all to sleep better at night, until we get the bill.  Oh, and until misinformed Americans and British citizens find themselves scratching their heads in disbelief trying to figure out why so many Iraqi citizen’s are so pissed at them. Then someone will have some explaining to do, but by then, it will all be ancient history to be rewritten by the victors rather than by the victims (oh, I mean terrorists) and their whinny terrorist-sympathizer family members anyways.

I must admit, I miss the freedom of the press, it was nice to have lived at a time when it still existed though. At least if you lived back then, you now have a small chance of recognizing what we’ve lost, and what is actually going on when you see Iraqi smart-bomb video footage, and wonder how they ended-up with American-made smart-bombs before we’ve sent them any.


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