“Just Say No” to the “War on Drugs” : It is Time to Take a “Zero-Tolerance” Perspective on the Military-Industrial Complex’s Perpetual War on U.S. Tax Payers Who Self-Medicate With Cannabis


I’m glad I do research on medicines on the internet before I take them, got some “cold medicine” over the counter yesterday (here in the Philippines while on vacation) that has at least one drug ingredient that has been banned in many countries in the last decade for causing strokes, and psychotic episodes.  I guess the big American and European drug companies are trying to dump the banned drug where ever they can now (third-world developing Nations), since they probably have tons of the stuff stock-piled somewhere they can’t sell in the U.S., the U.K., Canada, and India anymore.  On the plus side, if I want to take the risk, I can experience euphoria, increased heart rate, and some other side-effects similar to those one might experience if they were abusing meth!  Banned in the states, still given in some countries by vets to stop dog incontinence, but I can legally take it over the counter here in the Philippines for my cold and flu symptoms.  God bless the big pharmaceutical companies for ensuring “high-quality safe products” get into the hands of those desperate for a cure regardless of the price/consequences!  Get a cold, take an over the counter tablet, have a stroke or psychotic break-down!  That is medical progress people! 

No wonder those same giant Pharmaceutical companies need so many lobbyists on Capitol Hill to try to keep the Federal Schedule I ban on cannabis!  Just think of how many different dangerous drugs (with even more dangerous side-effects) they would have to discontinue and dump on third-world markets if other states like Colorado, Washington, and the 18 other U.S. states that have already made medical-marijuana legal were joined by even more states (and countries like Uruguay).  Congress and other Western nations might actually be forced by the will of the people to finally repeal the Draconian “War on [the tax payers who use] Drugs” Federal drug laws, and a common-sense approach (both Domestically and Internationally) that didn’t demonize or incarcerate a substantial segment of the World’s population could finally be realized yet again! 

Just think of how much money the American tax-payer could save on “just saying no” and refusing to support or continue to allow their tax dollars to be used to combat so-called “narco-terrorism” alone!  Think about all the budget changes that would have to be made to reduce the funding of all the authoritarian government agencies currently waging war on the civil liberties of the American people!  Think of all the profits that would be lost by the big pharmaceutical companies (and their lobbyists and shareholders) in the short run, while they were forced to purchase all the mom & pop “dispenseries” in the long-run to keep a monopoly on the market! 

I wonder how much money they are going to lose in Colorado alone after January 1st, when all the old folks there start smoking grass again, instead of taking sleeping pills, depression pills, pills to get an erection, pills to calm their nerves, pills to… well you get the drift right?  Heck, imagine how much money the alcohol industry could stand to lose, or Hollywood in anti-drug propaganda films bought and paid for by your tax dollars, or private prisons, or rehabilitation centers, or bail bondsmen, towing companies, defense lawyers!  Not including the plastics manufactures (i.e. big oil), the timber industry, etc.  

I guess I can see why the Federal government still has it ranked as a Schedule I drug (supposedly more dangerous than cocaine or meth), because to so many in the military-industrial complex, it is very dangerous, dangerous to their bottom-line!  For so long cannabis has also been public enemy number one because outlawing it was an effective way to stigmatize and politically handicap minority groups and counter-cultural political activists.  But it is nice to see many citizens of states across America are now waking up to the reality that the War on Drugs has been a costly failure paid for by American tax payers to often incarcerate, punish, and ruin the reputations of their own family members, and other patriotic Americans. 

So yes, cannabis is still a Schedule I drug in America, but I can still buy the ingredients for Meth over the counter whenever and almost wherever I wish.  Now does that make any sense?  I know one thing for sure, I won’t be taking the crap the local pharmacy is “peddling” for the “man” to treat my cold!  I would rather not have a stroke or psychotic episode trying to get rid of my sinus problems thank you very much!  Luckily however, I don’t get sick often, because I choose to take an ancient herbal remedy that reduces stress and boosts one’s immunity naturally.  And in just a few more days, it will be available over the counter without a prescription in Colorado.  Now that is what real progress and reform looks like!  If you don’t believe me, wait until you hear about how much tax revenue the state is generating for it’s economic recovery, and how much money it is saving by not incarcerating some of it’s more productive, conscientious, and “civil” citizens.         


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